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I’ve already mentioned that from BDSM I’m interested in the “B” only. I do not care about dominance, submissions and can’t play roles. I find role playing too artificial and rather ridiculous.

But apparently such DSM-neglection may offend some “tops” or “masters” (as you may already know, I prefer tori and uke terms here)… The situation depicted in this chapter is very real.
Kaoru finds it disrespectful to the “top” to ask for bondage, to make the ropes tighter, to “just do it”, to “let’s go outside, what’s the problem?”.

Oh, I’m soooooo Tachi in this sense. Hey, we have time, space, ropes, tools, willing persons – let’s play! Just tie me up and stop whining! If you do not know how to do it – let’s think together and try! If you are tired of my speaking, just gag me! Tighter!!! :D