After playing with CB6000 and going through all related frustrations (see CB6000 and types of frustration), checking chastity belt reviews, visiting manufacturer sites, reading multiple forums, I decided to try to make a do-it-yourself chastity device with the following in mind:

  • comfortable for a long time wear
  • comfortable to wear even under tight clothes like pantyhose, swimsuits (cb6000 is a disaster)
  • impossible to pull off (one of the most common problem with commercial CB’s)
  • lockable
  • easy to make (I do not have much time for such “design projects”)
  • reliable (again, something what cb6000 is absolutely not)
  • cheap

At first sight absolutely unreal and incompatible conditions. However, as I said in “DIY/hadware vs sex-shops and some food for kinky thoughts. Part I“, pay a visit to the biggest hardware store in your area and spend there an hour or two. That may give you some interesting ideas.

This is what I managed to make for €4 using a file, a screwdriver, a knife and pliers within about 1 hour.

If you are bound, it’s not necessary to make it lockable, you will not be able to remove it anyway. The “lockability” is optional and currently provided with a DIY steel cable. See DIY lockable clothes. Part I tutorial how to make one. To measure the length, find a piece of thick (to protect you thin skin from cutting) wire, and “lock” the belt with it, then measure the length. Do not forget to add some centimetres for the padlock “ears”.

If you still can pull out, add DIY cock rings, that will tighten the whole construction a little bit further.

If you need a more “hygienic version” for a long-term wear, drill holes in the tubes/fittings for easy washing/cleaning.

The basic (two clamps) construction can also be used for locking latex clothing with built-in condoms (see, for example, the DIY cock rings post).

Let me know what you think!