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Erection of the day. Latex business suit

office_clothes-64-latex-suit-stockings-glovesOhh… How I imagine myself and people around wearing these clothes. Wouldn’t it make office work less boring? Will you look forward to a new business day? Does anybody know any places where such office style is considered appropriate or even required?

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Fetish, bondage and sex at work

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Office, pantyhose, high heels. Part I. Obsession

I easily fall in love.

No, not a good beginning. Let’s try again.

As an extravert (in the Jungian sense), I tend to spend much more energy, than my introversive family and friends (who use mine). To get energy back I can sleep, eat, be alone, sport or … spend some time with my positively emotional “activator” – Ethical Sensory Extrovert (aka ESFJ, aka Enthusiast, aka “Victor Hugo”). (Preferably female ;-)

No, not good enough again. Who cares about psychology. Another attempt.

She’s a project coordinator from another country. After a couple of phone conference calls, business e-mails and chats I searched for her name on the Internet and discovered her accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Picasa, Google+ and a pair of other social nets. Like me she’s registered everywhere. On the photos she looked similar to what she sounded on the calls. Young, long haired, coquettish, giggling, “fashionistish” and easily distractable from work. Nothing special, but … catchy.

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Why men “like girls in pantyhose” and girls “hate wearing pantyhose”. Video version

The song “Girls in Pantyhose” by “A buddies Hollywood, Inc. Production” starring Allene Quincy with Gary Anthony Williams, Jason Currie and Gabriel Oliva answers this question from both “girls” and “boys” side.

I like this argument: “Pantyhose are almost like a condom for your leg”

See the lyrics and the coloured Hi-rez video below.

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Relaxation rooms and office bondage

If you haven’t already got a relaxation room at work you may have heard about them. A quiet room with a soft chair or a coach where you can privately (some suggest, that the room should be used by one person at a time) relax, meditate or simply sleep.

Great idea, nothing new hear, but I thought… The room can accommodate more people. And to prevent “the mutual interference” and to squeeze the “personal private space” down to the required dimensions there is a simple solution – bondage!

Quick, neat and effective bondage with gags, blindfolds and ear mufflers and several office co-workers can enjoy the solitude of their own inner space, release the accumulated tension and aggression or simply sleep. Strategically placed vibrators can help alleviate tense muscles or work load frustrations.

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Office style or sheer pantyhose with mini skirt

black sheer pantyhose leather mini skirtUpdated on Mar 25, 2011 @ 01:15:
The pantyhose on the photo are called “Voodoo” (by Australian company Kolotex).

Posted on Oct 29, 2010 @ 01:43:
According to the author (also the model) of the photo, this shot was made in the office.

No doubts I like this kind of office clothes (this is something that would make me want to go to the office from time to time, even if I can’t wear such outfit ;-), but also look at these very sheer transparent pantyhose without any snags or impurities!

Nod bad, eh?

Thanks to Maryse Donn

Business processes, latex stockings or Simon Bolz’ “Nine to Five”

In the August 2010 issue German magazine “Photographie” published Simon Bolz’ photo series called “Nine to Five” featuring model Akira Sun in shiny latex stockings, latex collar, high heels and mmmm… nothing else.

Apparently these things are sufficient (I’m not sure about sufficient, but I would say “necessary”) for proper business processes and following the author can prevent “frequent and long evil meetings” ;-)

15 photos below.

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Business style or Black and Red again

Our red and black theme continues. But today in the direction of business style. Plain straight tight knee length skirt. OK, latex skirt. Plain sheer pantyhose. OK, shiny black pantyhose. Plain high heeled shoes. OK, patent leather 5″ red high heels.

But no frills! Nothing must distract from the business process!

Office style. Part V. Shannon. Part II

office girl in miniskirt black pantyhose and high-heels See Part I.

The last 21 hi-rez photos I have from the series. Obviously Shannon was a star of the exhibition stand. Also, have a look at the posters on the wall.

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Public opinion, morality, fetish and kids or
fetish clothes to the office

girl in latex in the shopWhile the definition of the word “fetish” is pretty much “standard”, the actual meaning is different and individual for every person. Any object or activity can become a fetish one. It can be shopping, driving, jogging, wearing fur, high heels, latex, collecting stamps, match boxes, vintage cars. But then a strange thing happens. This strange thing is called “public opinion”, or PO.

PO decides what is appropriate and what is not. PO decided, that wool and cotton are appropriate, but latex and leather are not. PO decided that some materials and clothes are appropriate for women and some for men. PO decides what clothes are appropriate for what time and place.

As you can see there is absolutely no logic here. Just as there is mostly no logic in “public opinion” or “morality” (See also the “children pornography” post).

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