Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 9. Breaking through the inner bondage. Wearing pantyhose in public

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… I was thinking about taking a bus to the city center, so I would not have a chance to hide my legs in pantyhose. It’s quite easy to jump in on an empty bus stop and spend the whole trip unnoticed. But then you have to get out, get to another stop, wait for the bus, get in. And all on the full view! Very self-bondage like, when there is no way back…

No, I never dared. My next big step was during our summer vacation. I put on very transparent suntan pantyhose, shorts, sneakers, a t-shirt and we (my wife and I) went for a short walk. It was twilight, the pantyhose were almost invisible, but when I noticed someone walking behind me, I pretended that I was busy with my shoe-lace. Yeah, chicken… But next evening I was more brave.

So step for step, I got accustomed to the fact, that I was wearing pantyhose in public. I was wearing pantyhose with shorts every time I could – to the nearest supermarket, around the house, on the way home. Then I would change in a toilet somewhere and continue the trip properly dressed.

And finally… Not many men could dare to wear mini shorts, let alone mini shorts with shiny pantyhose (e.g. Philippe Matignon Crystal 30 Noce). Very visible especially under the shining sun, in front of thousands of people walking around.

That was “the moment of truth”. I was free. I could wear what I wanted and where I wanted. I did not care about the others and the others did not care about me.

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