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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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I have 4 weeks to myself. Not that I'm completely 24x7 free for any naughty activity, no, but at least I do not have to hurry, worry and hide.

Let's see what I can do... πŸ˜‰
The first night began as follows.


o- Oroblu pantyhose (legs)
o- unknown pantyhose (arms)
o- one-piece G-string fitness swimsuit
o- water-polo swimsuit
o- butt-plug
o- latex hood with built-in gag (well lubricated)

Pretty simple. The built-in gag is known to be too long to sleep, but I tried again, anyway.

But later I made the following changes

o- latex hood connected to a piss condom (obvious). I made the condom properly stay in place with some latex pieces
o- tight latex bag (kinda single stocking)
o- big latex sleeping bag
o- a long piece of rope

The rope was usd to bind my hands behind the back inside the sleeping bag. No, not unescapably, of course. Though it can be unescapable, if you forget the direction you twisted the coil LAST time. I used this swimsuit method.

Thus I stayed till morning (could not refrain from some activity, though πŸ˜‰
"Decathlon" (as probably any big sport shop) is easily the fetish shop #1. (Check the fetish sport tag). So I could not miss the opportunity to try on various leotards, swimsuits and wet-suits.

I was clad in a latex thong, transparent shimmering nur Die HΓΌft pantyhose, capri, t-shirt and sneakers (my usual style).

Interestingly, I could easily pull on gymnastic leotards with long sleeves even 2-3 sizes smaller. But nevertheless, I do not like the "open back" or the "keyhole back" design. I prefer as "closed" as possible.

A thin shorty wet-suit was definitely something to think about. It fit me like a glove, but, probably a bit tight around my neck. But at 18€? Probably next time...

I ended up buying a black one-piece swimsuit for 6(!)€. Why so cheap? The quality of the seams is not that great, but the rest is fine. Tight (~2 sizes smaller) and smooth... I can't stop caressing myself through the suit...
Recently I bought a pair of pantyhose in a drug store. Pretty cheap, sheer to waist and a bit shiny. Just what I like. The note said "Very strong". At 20den and 2.99€? Yes, as I thought, they laddered almost immediately. BUT! The upper part of the pantyhose was very long, so I made a bodysuit (see here and here), put the new swimsuit on and enjoyed the combination till next morning πŸ˜‰
My last night clothes: shiny pantyhose (with almost fully cut out crotch panel) and men's rubber swimsuit (made out of thin latex)

I tried to add a butt-plug, but it turned out pretty impossible without taking the suit off. So I gave up and fell asleep.
Going around in my pajamas from last night....

I wish I managed to get the butt-plug in πŸ˜‰ Now it's even more difficult because the thin latex "glued" to my skin. don't wanna "peel" it off.
BTW, I still haven't prepared any ice time-locks. OK, coffee first....
The suit has finally given up. After ~8 years. The downside of thin latex is that it degrades faster. It was once repaired, but now it's cut in two. Pity...

Usually, when I tear a precious pair of pantyhose I use them as a gag in the next self-bondage session. The thicker the pantyhose, the bigger the gag πŸ˜‰ I doubt I can manage the latex suit as a gag, though πŸ˜‰
Wearing thick latex shorts, same shiny dark tan pantyhose and a t-shirt. Pretty sporty look.
Yo Ra!

You are one lucky self-bondager - 4 whole weeks of freedom to do or wear (almost) whatever you wish. I am green with envy!

Seriously though, I know that it isn't so simple and you (like I) have lots of non-fun stuff to do as well. By happy coincidence I have a 2 day 'home alone' myself next week - will we be bound at the same time I wonder? I am determined that, unlike sessions 2, 3 & 4 (soon to be posted) I will go all out for sustained fun and sleep fully dressed and bound as well! How do you manage it? i get so turned on that sleep is the furthest thing from my mind.

I love your reports so far and so sorry to hear about the passing of your latex suitπŸ˜‡ - 8 years sounds like a good life!

I would ask a very selfish wish from you - more postings of your sessions please!

Great work