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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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o- I see a familiar hood 😋
o- Are you going to use everything? Wow...
o- Hey, you look awesome! Jogging.. uhm.. sorry... running does pay off! 😉
(14 Oct 2017, 21:05 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]o- I see a familiar hood [Image: tongue.gif]
[Image: wink.gif]

Oh yes - it's becoming a 'must have' but I still like to experiment with different ideas when I have time

(14 Oct 2017, 21:05 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]o- Are you going to use everything? Wow...
[Image: wink.gif]

Yes, almost - the only item not used was the condom (I went for a 'tuck' as a deliberate frustration device) and some of the rope...

(14 Oct 2017, 21:05 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]o- Hey, you look awesome! Jogging.. uhm.. sorry... running does pay off! [Image: wink.gif]

Why sir, you're making me blush  Blush   😁

Lots of running is helping keep me sane amidst the madness of work, also lithe and slim (err...slimmer)  which is paying dividends in the self-bondage area.

Slight hiatus in my plans for tonight with a emergency that has taken up some hours of my time - sad but sorted, now trying to rekindle my mood... 

Should be all bound and helpless again soon

Best laid plans and all that  😟

The combination of a distraught neighbour, defective equipment, injury and a schoolboy error all contributed to a less successful session than I had planned.

More teasers and more plans for today...if I get the chance!

[attachment=26175][attachment=26176] (note: not naked!  😉 )

Ha! You look naked indeed!
Final teaser post - my home alone time is over and 'normal service' has been restored:

[attachment=26200] - this was a good one! Stay tuned for full postings of all my adventures soon.

All my gear is packed away and hidden once more, next planned home alone time is nearly 5 months away...  😟

By way of a 'Ps'

My adventures are now posted in the Completed Sessions section with, I hope, some interesting words to accompany photos and video stills from the 2 days of kinky fun.

My next challenge will be a big session of video editing and uploading some moving images for your amusement (I'm no Peter Jackson nor even in the same league as @Anne so this may take some time and will be pretty basic) 

I'm still feeling the rush of having time Home Alone to play out some of my fantasies and my head is spinning with ideas, plans, improvements and 'must-do' scenarios for my hoped mega session next year (April 2018 - make a note in your diaries!)

As always I really do appreciate your feedback, comments, suggestions or even requests - so if you enjoyed what I've posted, wished Id done something different, showed a technique, fulfilled a self-bondage fantasy scene or simply want to chat, please feel free to comment or contact me directly. Who knows, if you stir my interest you might even get a credit in my next movie!

An image that just seemed perfect for this thread:

[attachment=26950] - sound familiar?


I have been remise in my postings - over a week into some proper 'Home Alone' time and only now am I sharing with the wider forum...

I've been busy with work and other commitments, so not able to enjoy a full-on 24/7 kink-fest - but I've aeady had some fun.

Sadly I have not had access to my trusty DSLR (it's gone on holiday too) and have had to fall back on my mobile phone and a webcam (coupled to an ailing  laptop that needs almost daily TLC to keep it running... slowly)

But what, I hear you cry, has MJ been up to?

Well.... I've been trying out my first ever corset and WOW!!! I had no idea it would feel so sexy and add so much to my playtime. A big thanks to everyone on the Forum who wetted my appetite and a special 'thank you' to @bondagetom1 who finally convinced me to splash some cash.

I've ordered other toys and treats - some arrived and have been amazing, others arrived but disappointed and some are still yet to appear (even one purchased from a seller only 20miles from where I live.... hmm!). All the details, good and bad, will be shared in due time.

Sessions wise I've been very focused on 'dressing for pleasure' and exploring my new fetish for wearing a corset - it's very challenging at first, but I'm getting there.

I have enjoyed some pretty impressive self-bondage too, discovering a new set-up that even on the first attempt was damn near perfect... a few adjustments and I could have found a new favourite position.

Another few days of hopefully fun and games - then the big clean-up and after that time to start posting properly.

I'm VEEEEERY curious ;P