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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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You go girl !!!!!!!!!
tbirdgal, I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
Home alone – I do hope so!

My turn to use this thread...

Aeady two and a half months into 2011 and I haven’t managed a proper session yet – but hopefully that will change this coming weekend

My wonderful GF will be away for 2 full nights and days, leaving me home and, almost, alone (someone has to look after the animals!), so although I will miss her, I am determined to make the most of this opportunity to have some fun. Yahoo

I’ve cancelled some long-standing weekend arrangements to ensure I’m free… or rather ‘not free’ if you get my meaning.
Like Ra (see his recent Blog) I’ve been under a lot of pressure at work and pretty much stressed to the limits (and a little beyond) Wacko1
, so this weekend is going to be my treat to myself.

I’m planning to spend both nights encased in nylon and/or Lycra, and at least one of those nights I hope to remain bound - can I do it this time? My record so far is less than ideal, I either become too turned on (I can’t sleep with an erection!) or I can only manage a few moments of sleep before waking again (longest was less than 15 minutes according to the bedside clock) – not the experience I seek. I desperately want to know what it feels like to really sleep and wake up in bondage, my imagination tells me it would be truly amazing.

This time I’m going to try less stringent bondage in the hope that this will make sleep easier – any tips 🤔

Has anyone really had a good 5+ hours of sleep whilst bound 😕

At least one day will be spent wearing, at the very minimum, pantyhose, but hopefully my bodysuit plus other fun items (a butt-plug for certain!) – All under my ‘normal’ clothing. Will I be brave enough to venture out into the wide world? Blush

I have planned 2 long SB sessions – proper ones with an ice-cube or some other timed release. I hope they will be for over 2 hour’s duration, but will see how I feel on the day. I also have invested in a new super-size plastic bag for my vacuum self-bondage scenes and will be trying it out sometime over the weekend!

Also, and this is long overdue, I will be having another go at an enema scenario. For some reason the thoughts of these always turn me on that little bit more than the usual SB scenes even if they are less satisfying in some ways – however they are still an enormous amount of fun to do! This will involve me making and using the new enema plug I’ve been designing in my head for the last month or so – I hope it works! (I must take photos and share if successful).

Oh, and on the subject of photos… I will set up the video and try to get some picture of my exploits for you all. And I will try to upload a couple more videos to X-Tube if I can. I might also re-create some shots missing from the sessions I posted last year – if I have time…

As you will see I’m planning such a lot of things that a few (most?) will not happen, but to misquote a famous line: self-bondage is 98% preparation, 1.9% perspiration and only 0.1% ejaculation….

Indeed, sleeping in bondage is tricky, but I can easily sleep totally encased in several layers of latex, gagged, plugged, bound BUT with my arms free. Of course, it can't be called bondage, but I can normally sleep unless something begins to hurt.

Sleeping with arms bound behind the back is possible, but only in short periods.
(16 Mar 2011, 21:12 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]self-bondage is 98% preparation, 1.9% perspiration and only 0.1% ejaculation….

😁 Very true. But I would combine preparation and perspiration as well. It takes some sweat to prepare, to put on the clothes, to run back&forth, up&down in this clothes while preparing the rest of the attributes, getting into, undoing because something is not right.

Oh, and you forgot cleaning the mess afterwards. More sweating.
Oh how I needed that!


Just taking a breather after my first proper serssion for what seems like years. Nice warm up for the weekend: bodystocking, pantyhose, gag, ropes, handcuffs, high-heeled boots, enema... nice!

Now just chilling with a bite to eat and a quick drink - revelling in the chance to wear my lycra and pantyhose, and planning my next session.

Will post a full account soon.

Congratulations! I like the keywords you used. Waiting for the report 😉

Looks like I'm slowly recovering. Just gathered all my energy and removed hair from everything below my waist. Ready for something shiny 😉
A night of mixed results....

I decided against being bound for the night, but tried simple(?!) encasement. New bodystocking and 3 pairs of pantyhose did the job - 100% covering of lovely, sexy, nylon. I almost managed to fall asleep, but found having my head encased was too uncomfortable (too much pressure on my nose - its not a petite one Blush ).

Removing the pantyhose over my head did the trick and I managed a reasonable night's sleep still covered in nylon everywhere else. I will try again tonight.

Its cold and frosty this morning so my pantyhose and bodystocking are staying on. I've pulled my 'normal' clothing on top of them and am about to go outside to excercise, feed and water the animals.

Many self-bondage plans for the rest of today, but need to warm the house up first (to melt my ice-cubes!😁).

Familiar issue - squashed nose. Quite painful after some time. You want the hood tighter, of course, but your nose gets in the way.

I was thinking about a protruding gag or a gag with a some sort of shield stretching the hood outwards and decreasing the pressure on your nose.
Oh dear goodness!

Just had the most incredible session - over an hour long, intense and unbelievably erotic. I'm currenty converting the video to a format I can do some screen captures from (post some teasers as soon as I can).

Desperatly wanted to cum, but couldn't.... result! I_am_so_happy

Still dressed in bodystocking and 3 pairs of pantyhose, with my plug inside. Am about to go out to shop, hope I don't get run over by a bus! 😋