DIY bodystockings

Have a look at these photos:

bodystockings pantyhose girl bodystockings pantyhose girl

Noticed anything? No? OK, look again. Two more pics:

bodystockings pantyhose girl bodystockings pantyhose girl

And now? Not yet? Here:

bodystockings pantyhose girl close-upThe “bodystockings” are actually pantyhose with “shoulder openings” cut by scissors in the band! Simple! Easy! Yet effective! Gonna try tomorrow…

Also see this post about inverted bodystockings.

The images are taken from here.

8 thoughts on “DIY bodystockings”

  1. Maybe the Albert Heijn Matglanzend will do; it occured to me it has an extreme long pants part.


  2. Done! And it works! Haven’t tried AH Matglanzend, though, because I had running Jovanda Crystal 17 at my disposal.

    I put them on and made two cuts in the band with scissors. Tried once – the cuts were not long enough. The second attempt was successful!

    The end result does not look as beautiful as on the pictures above, because I’m not a pretty Chinese girl and the upper part of the pantyhose is not long enough. But I like what I’ve got.


    o- cheap solution (depends on pantyhose, of course)
    o- good fit
    o- pantyhose do not slide down anymore
    o- smooth, tight and exciting
    o- excellent for pantyhose encasement
    o- can be worn under a swimsuit or a leotard
    o- the crotch panel can be removed if necessary
    o- warm! (hey, it’s getting colder here +4-5)


    o- mmmm… it’s getting funnier if you need to go to a toilet and the crotch panel is not removed. Actually, it can be also a Pro ;-P
    o- if worn too tight, the thin band cuts into the shoulders

    Will keep experimenting 😉


  3. girl in bodystockingsMore points. Look at this photo:

    o- the nylon is not tight
    o- yet it hugs the upper body quite nicely
    o- the band forms very neat collar
    o- girl’s back is not shown

    I bet the pantyhose size is quite big and the material is tightly pinned (temporarily sewn? clamped?) at the back.

  4. As I observed the pantyhose bodystocking conversion from the picture of the Chinese Girl. It seems that the pantyhose waist band is cut all the way round the neck except for the front part. Which makes it look like a halter neck bodystocking design. This explains why the centre seam of the stocking seems to be loosely fit and not over stretch. Since the back part of the pantyhose is cut off from the waist band. I am looking from the photographers visual prespective. Let’s try to make this design and try it out! It would be more exciting if you to attach a neck chain with a padlock in between the pantyhose waist band to make it as a Chastity Halter Neck bodystocking. Lock it up and it stays in there over the candle light dinner till the night playground. 😉

  5. I call this DIY Halter Neck Bodystockings with only waist band attached to the pantyhose from the front and not the regular bodystocking design with two holes cut out at the side for the arms to stick out 😉

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