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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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..and that's a wrap!

I'm finished for this 'home alone' session - great fun but at the same time (and as always) frustrating and over too soon.

It's going to take some time to write up my various (mis-)adventures and edit some photos, but here are a few more teasers to keep you going....

[attachment=7901] - who needs rope for self-bondage fun?

[attachment=7902] - plastic bag + vacuum = a) fun? Or b) frustration?

Stayed tuned for more... 😁

Thanks for sharing..

My only complaint.. MORE PICTURES!!


(20 Jun 2013, 23:28 )catransvestic Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for sharing..

My only complaint.. MORE PICTURES!!



Have no fear, they will be coming as soon as I have the hours free to sort them and write a few words.

Teaser of an upcoming completed session posting and bit of fun, see the attached video (sorry can't embed it - Ra, Help!):

What happens next?, what did happen next? 🤔


Looking forward to the extended version!
(17 Jul 2013, 20:46 )catransvestic Wrote: [ -> ]Looking forward to the extended version!

posted enjoy

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This is this time of the year - Home alone for a couple of weeks. I haven't done much so far, but this is a short list:

o- ordered a bunch of stuff (see I am going to spend some money (fetish, bondage wish list))
o- tried to sleep with a dildo in my throat and lycra single-glove on my arms
o- tested a huge buttplug (small Crackstuffers tree-like plug).
o- prepared the play area (most important step, took me a couple of days)
o- prepared ice cubes
o- lost weight
o- improved flexibility
o- injured my knee (I can't sit on my knees, and I would avoid hogties)

Plus trainings, plus work, plus house chores.

So... Busy as always 😉
Yarggghhhh....!!!!!! I have no latex polish.... Actually, I'm not sure if the silicone spray gonna help after the chlorinated latex lost its colour. Anyway, I need to buy an effective latex right now or change plans for the self-bondage session...
Whitish/greyish latex does not look good on photos. OTOH, does anybody care what colour my latex is? While bound and wearing a hood I will not see anything anyway...

Yes I love aesthetics, but postponing, changing or cancelling bondage sessions... Mmmm.. decisions, decisions...