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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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I have two weeks for myself, my work and my fetishes.

Yesterday I started with experimenting with deep throating. I tried to sleep with a 3x12.5cm dildo as a gag. The problem was the latex hoods I've got. They either too tight and prevent proper breathing or have mouth openings. Going to order a chlorinated latex hood with only nose holes.

The rest of the clothes was: pantyhose on legs and arms, latex shorts, a butt-plug and a thin neoprene wetsuit with long sleeves and legs.

BTW, frozen water and frozen non-water blocks are ready.
Pity I can't participate in phone calls gagged. But since last night I've still got the described above "clothes" on. So I'm typing with my fingers in pantyhose 😉

I have the same goals: close to 100% time butt-plugged, encased in pantyhose/swimsuits/leotards or latex. And at least 4 inescapable selfbondage sessions. Any particular ideas?
Enema time. Was wearing the same overly tight hood and the same 3x12.5 dildo as a gag. This time the dildo stayed in almost 30min with one short removal for swallowing. Just discovered an interesting thing - during deep-throating the head must be higher than the stomach to prevent the "backflow".

Tried with a ring gag again - does not work. Even with such a small dildo ring gags actually prevent deep-throating unless you push really hard (but you do not want to do it, do you?)
Changed into:

o- red rubber tights with open crotch (the zip is broken)
o- semitransparent latex shorts with piss condom (over the tights)
o- black latex surfsuit
o- big dildo (as butt-plug)
o- CB6000 over the piss condom (this is basically why I bought the CB6000)

So CB6000 locks both tights and shorts on me. The bad thing is that I can get my cock inside the surfsuit now (I hate CB6000 design...)
Tried to connect the piss condom to an inflatable gag with a breathing tube. Need to buy another adapter - the diameters are too different. But you got the idea 😉
I'm about to explode... Need someone with a decent cock to tie and use me. Anybody around? 😁
OK, I can tie myself up, no problem
Ahhh.. it hurts... Two places - under the cb6000 and under the broken pantyhose zip. The zip teeth are digging into my skin.

The quality of the cb6000 padlock is far from perfect. I noticed corrosion and it took me minutes to lock it up. What if it does not open? At the moment this thought excites me. Let's see in a half an hour...
Opened the lock, readjusted the latex inside the cage and locked back up. Feels better. What shall I do with the key?