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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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Ooooph .... Done ...

Took me almost 7 hours!!!
OK.... and where's the key?
Ooooph... Just completed a strict, intense, inescapable self-bondage session with an anal hook. With an ice lock.

Yeah... Still no words... That hook is a very interesting thing even on it's own. Will have a look later if the photos are of any good.
It's a bit weird to make business calls dressed in latex, with tight karada and the hook deeply in ...
Speaking of lockable clothes. I forgot that the latex leotard I was wearing on top of latex shorts with piss condom with a connected hood with a piss gag, Danskin Ultra shimmery tights, fishnets, anal hook, some rope was locked!. But I was aeady in the shower!!! Soaking and dripping~

Had to go downstairs to grab the key...
71 photos. Far from perfect, but still fun 😉
Back from sport-training. Can barely walk...

The chronic tiredness has finally caught up with me. I still have to do something for my work but I'm literally falling off my chair asleep. I still have lots of ideas and even willingness to try them out and publish the results, but I simply can't.

OK, work first, then we'll see if there is enough energy for a couple of teasers 😉
How I love to be totally encased in pantyhose and overly tight swimsuits! Can't stop caressing myself.
>>How I love to be totally encased in pantyhose and overly tight swimsuits!<<
I have about 700 OPS in my collection.
Amongst them also girl's sizes 140-152-164-176.
Some will fit you V E R Y tightly.
Come and try.
Currently I have a one for 140 on. Interesting, no small swimsuits from Decathlon fitted me like the ones from Perry. There is much difference in the price.