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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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After all the training the dildo is not s problem at all. But the saliva is. Have to remove the plug to swallow every ~15min.

OK, gonna replace it with a bigger one. 4x15cm. This one is getting boring ;D
Now we are talking! Feel the difference!
Who's got a similar sized cock? I can manage it. During the last 20 min it's still completely in my throat. No problems if not constantly pushed and pulled. A bit of moving is OK.

And the strange thing is - I like it!

Time to eat something real.

Not what you thought about, perverts! Lunch time....
What do have we now after two days of being home alone? Headache, toothache, soar throat and other muscles, 4 hour server downtime, no energy and no orgasm. But one good self-bondage session and two new records. Let's see if Nurofen helps to fix the pain issues. If yes, I will call it a good beginning 😁
Self-bondage session 75 teasers:
This the very tight latex hood. And under that hood... You guessed? Gagged with that 3x12.5cm dildo. You decide how deep it throats 😉

Nurofen works. But still, no perversions tonight. Gonna sleep in my usual pantyhose encasement and a (very)tight swimsuit in a latex bed. Nothing interesting, that is.
Just tried the same vibrator, but without cb6000. Hm... it works ... 😉
Ordered a dildo set and a standard Fetisso latex hood with only nose openings from Simon O. The automatic reply says: "The delivery time is 5-7 weeks in the moment."

TTBM, remember the 3 days you mentioned? Ha-ha...
Just stumbled upon a pair of gay S&M pr0n sites. Interestingly enough, despite I found lots of real images of some of my dreams, it looks disgusting. An absolute turn down. While the general concept is the same as I imagine or have seen in the art, the difference is in the interpretation, accents, clothing, attributes, attitude, intentions. There's no erotic or fetish context. Pure brutal sexual aggression, raw meat.

Cocks, sperm, transparent condom rubber do turn me on and I do have some good photos to compare with. As always and everywhere. Same subject - huge difference.

Now I need something stimulating. Good art probably? The gay sites stimulate me to go jogging and do more heavy physical exercises. No bondage, no sexual activity, no leather, no way!!!

Off to the shop to buy some ham for breakfast....