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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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Free WiFi should be everywhere. Especially where you may be stuck for some time with nothing to do.

When I'm back from vacation I will have another proper look at adding a mobile version of the site.

I aeady made one attempt, but it was not stable and predictable. Also I did not receive any feedback on how it looked/worked. So I abandoned the idea.

Back to deep-throating.

You noticed on the last photo in this thread, that I've got duplicate set of enema dildos, didn't you? 😉 The idea was to use the new ones to test what spot they reach in the depth of my throat.

If I could breath through the pipe, the tip is above the larynx and passing any liquids through the pipe would be dangerous.

The results:

o- I can breath through both 13 and 15cm long dildos.

o- The internal pipe is too stiff for "comfortable swallowing". I could barely shove the 4x15cm one down.

o- I need an enema plug with the following parameters: diameter - 3-3.5cm, length - at least 17cm. I can think of Elypse ones only.

Any suggestions/ideas?
Anybody thought about self-bondage in a public toilet? I had to wait three hours in an almost deserted airport.
A pair of legs in barely visible very slightly shimmering (under the direct lights) pantyhose and black high-heeled (at least 10cm) sandals were walking in front of me. Nice. ;-P
Ahhh... at last I'm able to devote some time to my persoanl life!

The world has gone crazy and senior managers seem to have forgotten why people need to work - it's not that I live to work, I work to live! Everything went a little mad over the last few months and I was bombarded with 'I need this yesterday' type demands (not requests!) 😡 , so when I had the opportunity for few weeks with the loved ones I literally switched off and tuned out of everything but family & closest friends.😁

But I'm back now and full of life and naughty ideas!

I might even have a few days 'home alone' towards the end of this month - so fingers crossed for some seriously kinky playtime. Yahoo

Same problem here. A bit overworked and overtrained - no naughty ideas at all and no incentives. So most changes here are related to the technical part.

I will have a short vacation, which I hope will alter my attitude 😉
I share your pain.... 😟

Have posted a story that might cheer you up and inspire greater things?

Home Alone Fantasy Fiction

It's not a short story, but was inspired by comments you made some time ago and I think you might enjoy it 😁

Still on a vacation with my family, but I will have two weeks just for myself (and my work, actually), so I'm aeady thinking about how not to waste them 😉
(14 Jul 2012, 19:42 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Still on a vacation with my family, but I will have two weeks just for myself (and my work, actually), so I'm aeady thinking about how not to waste them 😉

I'm sooooo jealous that you might have some proper time 'home alone' 😁

Not having any such luck myself, even the odd hour or two I do get seems to coincide with either a list of urgent things to do (self-bondage is a low priority right now) or, even worse, a lack of enthusiasm for a session! 🤔

The later (my enthusiasm, or lack of) is by far the most troubling... I suspect it is down to not having the time for a 'proper' session and my reluctance to rush something that I want to savour over hours not minutes. I used to enjoy the short sessions (less than an hour from start to everything packed/hidden away again) but now I seem to find all sorts of reasons not to play... Cray

I'm looking forwards to one of your great postings to re-ignite my self-bondage passions 😁

Have fun

He, you read my mind. This is exactly what I'm afraid of - lack of interest. I still remember my utter disappointment when I wasted a whole month...

Anyway, several months ago I bought a new silver zentai suit, a new shiny lycra bondage bag with internal sleeves (the sleeves can not be used in self-bondage), no idea how to use them.

BTW, I still need to buy myself a birthday present. As always, I had no time to be in time :-D I want a vacuum latex body bag. Or a Realise swimsuit.