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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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My Symon O order:

Just finished shooting a short photo&video tutorial on how to store ropes. It will be my first published video!
Wearing DIY bodystockings (with a swimsuit). Soooo many things to like! Tight, shiny, transparent and cheap. 3.99€ for two.

And here's a dilemma. I like how pantyhose feel against my dick. I also like how tight swimsuits feel. Wearing a swimsuit on top of pantyhose diminishes both. And if we are talking about bodystockings, going to a toilet is a bit cumbersome.

Have to make a hole in the gusset...
Perfect weather for walking outside while dressed like that.
Ever tried to make a hole in the gusset with scissors or knife without taking pantyhose off? Scary ...
Yesterday I checked the whole condom stand in Kruidvat (NL drug-store chain): I could not find condoms smaller, than 56mm in diameter!!!!!

Errrrmmmm ...... 🤔
Still wearing that DIY bodystockings ( ). What a fantastic feeling! No sliding down. Always up and tight.
Bought new supermarket pantyhose from "Jumbo" (NL). 15 den a bit shiny nice colour. And when I went out to try them on (with breeches) I met lots of people I know and everybody was trying to talk to me. Not just "Hi!" "Hi!", but long conversations.

Underneath these pantyhose I had this construction: (the last pictrure under "Show") with ben-wa balls in the anal sheath (after a very serious enema). Yes, please talk to me... Why now???!! 😁

BTW, like the pantyhose. A bit more expensive (2.29€ or 2.49€) for what they are, they have reinforced shorts, tend to slide down, but the look is good. nur Die is still the winner (the price is the same).
All my plugs and dildos except one douche nozzle:


The similar sized black dildos are intended for use as butt-plugs and gags.

And I still think I need more. Definitely one or two of these: But too expensive...

Two weeks... Sounds like a lot. I have done a lot, and I did not have time for another lot.

Speaking of "perversions", I noticed that the most effective time is the first and the last two days. The rest depends on the "general excitement".

Last year I had the house for three weeks, and you could have noticed the amount of "events".

Two years ago I had four weeks and all four weeks I was busy with my physical form (and my work, of course. I spend vacations with my family, that's another thread). No bondage. No sessions. At all. But, on the other hand, I could not stand my body on the photos, it needed to be "enhanced".

Ergo another thing. Self-bondage is a sport, but it does not mix well with other sports. The "other sports" eat all testosteron my precious body can produce. Last year during the home alone period I trained once a week. Two years ago - every day. This year 4 times a week. A perfect correlation.

Another correlation is with the weather. As I said earlier, a bit warmer or colder, and you have either no motivation/wish/excitement or no physical ability. Latex is the most sensitive materal here. The first week was very cold here. I was wearing winter clothes at home. Forget about latex...

No whining. Just a stream of thoughts. Lifewatching 😊