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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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The key to the CB6000 is in the freezer. In the middle of 0.5l bowl. No space for a bigger piece of ice.
(15 Jul 2010, 14:04 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]The key to the CB6000 is in the freezer.

Probably it's better to hide it somewhere outside? In a different part of a city? Or district? Bury in the park nearby?
I'm more and more interested in the "lockable clothes" subject ... Need to drive to the locl hardware shop. I wonder if they have crimp tools for metal cord...
0.5l ice-time-lock is frozen! Also have small pieces of ice and a medium one - around 150ml. Enough for the whole night.
Just ordered the anal hook:

Finally... Took me 3 years ...
Guess what? I was about to take a nap for an hour (added a leather gag, pantyhose on arms and new lycra shorts as a single-glove), as the CB6000 cracked and painfully pinched my skin! Just like described by many.

Fortunately I was not bound and the key to the lock was not frozen yet.... I imagine the pain I might've been at... CB6000 officially sucks!!!

Anyway, fixed with electrical tape, locked again, put the key back to the freezer. I need to prevent masturbation at any cost 😉

Still gagged with this gag: ;-P
What a crappy device that cb6000.... It becomes more or less comfortable when your penis is completely soft and flaccid, but in this case you can pull the shaft out of the cage without any keys.

If you have erection - you have problems. Electric tape does not help - the plastic still pinches. And you can't wear any clothes. And yes, cb6000 does not prevent erection.

Gonna try to fix it with cyanocrylate. And then the tape.
Bought 15m of red 6mm polypropylene rope. Can't find cotton rope anymore 😟

Was going to buy parts for another DIY time-lock, but decided to stop generating new designs, since they cost much more than aeady working methods. Indeed, what for?
Just made some photos of the "DIY chastity device" and the fixed cb6000. Wearing the CB6000 again. The key is back to the freezer.

I need to get the garbage container out for picking up tomorrow. Is there a place to hide the key somewhere outside? (No, not garbage ;-D ). Gonna try to stay in that device as long as the self-bondage scenarios allow. I don't thing that piece of ice will take a long to melt down under hot water... So the freezer idea looks useless to me.
Tights and swimsuit do not mix with cb6000 ... What a waste of money ...