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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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(18 Aug 2013, 19:57 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]I've done quite a few interesting things today:

o- DIY anal tunnel plug (took me less than 2 hours and less than 6 euros 😁 )

Sounds very interesting - more data, need more data (and a photo would be nice).... please?

I'm wearing a latex briefs with a small built-in dildo. I like the rubber, I like the long thin plug, but it's mounted wrongly - about 1-2cm too close to the front! This is a common problem with all built-
in things. Yes, anatomy varies a bit per person, but check, for example, this post: The same about pants with dildos/plugs.

Apparently those who produce such fetish stuff do not use it...
Testing electromechanic timers for the session. The electronic one does not work. Probably the internal accumulator needs to be charged first (or replaced). Anyway two daily chained timers should be enough.
Just received the rope ratchets and new CrackStuffers Bobbin Medium butt plug... It's huge! Not very thick (5cm) not very long (27 insertable cm), but it's the combination and weight that makes it a bit scary.
OK, where do I begin... "Positive thinking", right? OK... Let's count positive things...

+ I completed the planned self-bondage session
(- I had to postpone it several times for various reasons)
+ I was dressed in several layers of latex (including a latex body bag)
+ The session was very intense, very strict bondage, absolutely inescapable, I could barely move
+ When the timer "clicked" the electromagnetic cuffs successfully opened
+ I got out
+ I made some photos
+ the concept works

Looks cool, eh?

Now let's count "the other side of the moon"

- the slider got off the zip (latex catsuit), and I had to change "planned clothes" during the session
- I could barely close the cuffs (the additional latex layer made very difficult), took me lots of efforts, sweat, frustrations and bondage time
- the vibrator remote control fell off, so I could not enjoy "positive vibrations, yeeaahh" (© B.Marley)
- the entertainment mechanisms did not work as expected (clearly my fault, I forgot to "open the gate")
- the electromagnetic cuffs torn my latex surfsuit (I was afraid to tear the latex body bag, though, because it was overstretched from the inside)
(+ it should be possible to repair it)
- my favourite jelly-egg vibrator is broken (most likely the tension pulled the wire)
- the remote control for the photo camera stopped working because of pools of sweat (I disassembled and rinsed it with water, let's see, I hope it will survive)
- the electromagnetic cuffs stopped working (sweat? pulled wire?)

Because of some dissatisfactions I tried to play further, without photos, without cuffs and finished the session off using another vibrator 😁

Indeed, if you play hard, be ready for consequences.

Barely alive... (but competed my evening yoga training 😉
The thing is... After several hours you want to do it again 😁
Another positive thing - in less than two weeks I lost 4kg.

The catsuit is still too tight, though 😉 But this is not fat anymore, I gained some muscles. And possibly over 12 years my bone structure changed (taking into account 5 years of serious training).
Just to give you some ideas (before I fall asleep).

Teasers for self-bondage session 81:

I wonder why so many faults in one session? The "setup" was complex, I spend several days thinking about and preparing and was a bit overexcited about the session. Is it the emotions what causes troubles? Usually yes...
3 new dildos arrived - they are for double penetration test. One of them (intended for throat) is too big. The measurements on the site sucks... Or I have to train to suck big cocks 😁