Swimming pools, shiny pantyhose and latex briefs

shiny pantyhose shiny latex briefs with built-in butt-plugAs I mentioned earlier I do not like swimming pools and do everything to spice a bit up this boring but otherwise rather healthy activity.

This time I did not even bother with trying a water-polo swimsuit, since there were quite a few people in the hotel swimming pool, so I put on very shiny (glass-like shine) Albert Heijn Matglanzend 15den pantyhose (colour Cherry or dark tan) with a 3cm hole in the gusset and latex briefs with a built-in butt-plug (see here). Yes, first pantyhose, then the briefs.

The changing room was empty, so I quickly undressed and sneaked in the shower which was also empty.

I got wet and as you may know the wet pantyhose pretty much “disappear”. What was still very visible is the dark tan shade of my legs (darker than my skin above the pantyhose) and toe and crotch reinforcement (see the photos). I could not do anything about the crotch reinforcement, but I shifted the former under the toes.

And stepped out of the shower…

There were about seven people in the pool. Two young men, three girls and a mid-aged couple. The couple and the girls were talking to each other very close to the entrance. Some of them were definitely looking at me when I stepped into the water.

Do pantyhose make difference in the water? Yes. You do not feel the “moving” water with a nyloned skin as with your naked legs. And you are constantly aware that your toes are trapped in tight shiny nylon, since it’s only your toes what you can move inside, the rest forms two solid shiny monoliths (you can touch with your hands, though). Just put your favourite pantyhose or stockings on and get into the shower. You’ll see what I mean.

The butt-plug was another story. I expected it to slide in and out, but apparently the lubrication with J-Lube was not sufficient. Probably it was the condom I put on the narrow-ended plug, which was not letting the plug in, I don’t know. At least I could not repeat the orgasmic experience a girlfriend of mine once had (she was wearing a latex briefs with this butt-plug she borrowed from me and almost drowned from an orgasm, but that girl was very special in terms of hands-free self-stimulations)

OK, so I swam back and forth (usually, I try to keep the pace and never stop) without paying any attention to the rest of the public. The couple was discussing something while swimming around and periodically looking at me. Suddenly he touched my foot. When it’s crowdy it always happens, but there was enough space, so I wonder if he tried to check if I indeed was wearing tights.

After some time the guys and the girls left, the couple was in one of two showers. Still in water I hid the toe reinforcement part again under my toes, made sure that the pantyhose band did not appear above the latex, then got out of the pool, quickly showered and, while the guy was watching me, dried myself with a towel (what return the glass shine to my pantyhose). Not sure what they saw (if anything), but I went to the changing room, pulled on jeans and a t-shirt (nice thing about latex and pantyhose is their ability to quickly dry) and returned to my room to make a couple of photos.

Resume. I love pantyhose (regardless the public). I love latex (I should’ve applied some silicone shine, though). I love butt-plugs (butt-plugs/dildos need more tests).

13 thoughts on “Swimming pools, shiny pantyhose and latex briefs”

  1. just an fyi ra, some of your pictures are not working, about 4 didnt work on the post about technology and fetishism and none of the ones on this page work. I’m using firefox, so im not sure whats wrong

  2. I’d planned to swim in pantyhose TWICE during my last two hotel stays. The first, my stay was cut short. The second, there was no swimming pool.

  3. this is cool ra, you inspire me to do this (except with a lockable swimsuit or something)

    sidenote: do you know of a way to lock a regular swimsuit? (say like a speedo, not a water polo suit)

    also ra, does pantyhose take any damage in water

  4. clam wrote:

    you inspire me to do this

    This is fun, so why not? 😉

    clam wrote:

    except with a lockable swimsuit

    Your thoughts are going in the correct direction ;-P I want one!

    clam wrote:

    do you know of a way to lock a regular swimsuit?

    Only with a chain(s)/lock(s). You need to make sure that you can’t take the straps off your shoulders. You can use a chain to pull the straps together. However, it will change “the look”.

    It’s easier to lock a water-polo swimsuit, because it’s got a zipper. You can make small reinforced holes in the collar and thread a small padlock through them. Or install a lockable slider. See here.

    clam wrote:

    does pantyhose take any damage in water

    You do wash pantyhose, don’t you? Any damage? ;-P
    If you mean chlorine, I don’t know, to be honest. I haven’t noticed anything wrong.

  5. Hi, Yes I have done this a few times, sheer nude 7 denier style tights, just be sure there is no leg hair and no one notices.

    It makes it a good reason to go swimming…

    anyone thinking of doing this should go ahead and try it, you may want to check out the pool changing rooms etc for easy entry to the pool first, but no one notices, if they do they usually don’t say anything, and if they do, just tell them they help with with yourtraining program, that usually gives them something to think about.

    go have some fun…

  6. 7-9 den nude colour pantyhose are pretty invisible even under “dry” conditions. I think nobody will notice even 30-40 den (when wet). It’s all in the colour and hair.

  7. Like swimming in the sea with a one piece suit and slipping the wetsuit off. if quiet will just wear the suit. water moving over the suit very erotic

  8. After I showed her this site, wife said you are so handsome man with legs similar to mine. I must to add, still better then mine!

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