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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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Just do your sessions, this makes you happier than the right colour!
Finished 😉 That was interesting... The idea was to make a new "how-to tutorial selfbondage session", that looks complicated, but actually is very simple:

o- 3 anchor points (semi-spread-eagle)
o- 2 ice-locks
o- 1 ice-timered enema

The photos are being transferred at the moment. I haven't seen them yet 😉
Here's a teaser:

It's sooo easy to clean up latex and enema gear when you're alone 😁
Two new plugs have arrived! I'm eager to try them in, but the session I'm planning will require this one: ;P
I've done quite a few interesting things today:

o- DIY anal tunnel plug (took me less than 2 hours and less than 6 euros 😁 )
o- tight inescapable intense self-bondage session in a silver zentai suits and with a 40cm dildo inside (I do not remember if I was moaning and almost crying with both pleasure and frustration for almost 2 hours)
o- self-f@#$% session with enema in the bathroom with a dildo in my throat and new butt-plug on a suction cup in the other hole

I do not have photos for the last one, though 😁

Now I have to clean up everything... 😢
Despite the abuse yesterday, my ass wants to be plugged and my throat is waiting for something. The latex polish is due today. What about a latex session tonight?
The spray arrived! So has the electromagnetic cuffs! (I think I bought the last pair in the shop). The problem is - I have no the necessary power supply, and I want it today.

Does anybody know where I can buy 24V/2A power supply in Utrecht? 😉
Found a 19V one connected to active speakers. It works! I tried various combinations - escape is impossible. The metal parts get warm a bit. I've turned the power on and put bubble wrap on and under (no tight wrap). Let's see in an hour...
Teaser for self-bondage session 80 (silver zentai and 40cm dildo):