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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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My right wrist (muscles) hurts after playing with the cuffs yesterday. BTW, the cuff is going back to the manufacturer.
(22 Aug 2013, 09:00 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder why so many faults in one session? The "setup" was complex, I spend several days thinking about and preparing and was a bit overexcited about the session. Is it the emotions what causes troubles? Usually yes...

In my experience this is almost always down to emotions (read one of my recent postings )

The more you try to get something to work, the more seems to go wrong - sometimes you have to stop and start again, which can lose the excitement of a planned session.

Inevitably some of my best session have been the spontaneous ones, with virtually no planning and simple bondage.

But planning is so much fun and such a turn on... 😁

(21 Aug 2013, 22:58 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Just to give you some ideas (before I fall asleep).

Teasers for self-bondage session 81:

What is happening to me?

I'm constantly checking a website for pictures of a man in bondage... and getting turned on (oh how turned on!) by them.

I must be a pervert Blush

More please, MORE!!!!!!!

Speaking of spontaneous sessions. Yesterday I played with various plugs and dildos in the shower, trying to achieve "simultaneous penetration from both sides". I always think about this scenario. It worked, but with very light self-bondage. It's more for bondage and live partners. Very difficult to achieve alone.

I went through all new plugs and dildos but one:


Two one the left were used as gags, 4 on the right for the other side. Plugs/dildos with suction cups were new to me and I was very pleasantly surprised. However, when I mounted two plugs facing each other, the angle was not convenient for both "holes". But the general goal was achieved - when I was moving forward, the rear dildo was being pulled out, and the front dildo was sliding deeper in my throat, and then vice versa. Very interesting feeling I must say.

Then I put on latex pantyhose with open crotch (the zip is broken 😉, the biggest plug on the right (I went through all of them in advance and to train my hole a bit), 3 swimsuits (one of them is for 12yo girls 😁 ), pantyhose on my arms, latex top with open-face hood and without arms (like a tight waist level bag with a hood) and a hood with open mouth.

I placed two dildos in front of me, inserted both wrists into a loop and twisted it a couple of times and imagined I was in front of a glory hole or sitting bound in a swimming pool shower.

Must confess, it was incredible... And I surprised myself with my deep-throating ability: I could swallow 17cm of the thin red dildo and 14 of the thick flesh-coloured one. And no soar throat!
Just been to in Amsterdam, where I bought the latex surf-suit I tore during the last session. Repairing will cost me 10€ and another trip to A'dam. Not that it's too far, but the roads are closed and it takes a bit...

I was thinking about going there during a weekend and make some photos of girls in pantyhose on bikes, but it's too warm, bare legs only. Not that I complain, though... Jeans mini shorts and a pair of slender tanned legs are always welcome 😋

As always I was wearing sheer shiny pantyhose with breeches 😉
Doing yoga exercises wearing tights and a swimsuit is much more convenient, than wearing a t-shirt and bike shorts. Unless bike shorts are as long and as tight as leggings and t-shirt is as tight as a swimsuit. Bottom line - full coverage and the tighter, the better 😁

Ballet dancers know what they are doing, wearing and why...
Being home alone has one additional advantage - you do not care too much about the aesthetics of your clothes. For example, I spent the night and half of the day wearing 3 pairs of laddered shiny 15den very transparent pantyhose, a water-polo Speedo swimsuit, and a t-shirt (it was a bit cold in the morning for just one swimsuit). I did not care about holes and ladders on the back side of my legs, the front was looking perfect, like a liquid metal. Exactly what I needed for a perfect mood 😉
No perversions tonight - both my rear entry and the right wrist still hurt. Was a bit overexcited 😁
About that session with "broken things". I've just read one interesting aphorism:"Do not abuse circumstances, or circumstances will abuse you." This is exactly what happened. My overexcited wishes to have "it now" and exactly as planned were not in harmony with various circumstances I tried to bend or ignore.

But the line between "follow the flow" and "absence of the will" can be very thin...
Ahhh this is agony!

Those teaser shots of session 81 and all the other hints about new toys and fun... but no sessions posted yet... the waiting is almost unbearable.

This is almost as bad as being helplessly stuck in self-bondage and then finding that the timer on your vibrator has stuck on 'off'!!!!! 😁

Why are you so cruel to us Ra? Shout

Your teasers are almost as bad as those on the BBC, advertising great shows that are months away from being shown..... 😋

Please oh might Ra, when might we see some sessions posted? 😁

(Tongue firmly in cheek)


Ps. I hope all your aches and pains have cleared up... mine haven't but that's a different story....