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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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Looks like I'm following the same scenario from last year - the longer I'm alone, the less energy I have for selfbondage sessions. I have at least 4 scenarios in my mind!

Anyway, breakfast, then a couple of fetish shops in Amsterdam, then Decathlon. Ordering on-line takes too much time to deliver, going back the pre-Internet route.
Been to A'dam. Bought Oxball cocksling and rubber shorts with a built-in penis-balls sheath. A report follows (yeah, I know, but everything takes time, money and energy 😉
Selfbondage deep throat mummification Session 70 published!
3AM... aeady ... again ...
Just cleaned up after a session last night. Rather morning. After lots of hesitations and "I'm tired" and "I've headache" I finally did it. Completely exhausted.

Nothing new: two ice-locks, two enema bags, lots of latex, hours of preparation. Just a bit different combination of things.

This is a big advantage of being home alone sometimes: you do not have to rush and tuck everything away out of view. And it's Sunday. No plans, TTD is hiding, shops can wait. I'm off to sleep for a couple of hours.
Eh? TTD?
Awaiting a promised report from him 😉
Good morning again 😉 Was sleeping all the time sine my last message.

Just checked my weight. I lost 7 kg since last winter. From almost 79 to almost 72. ( ). I haven't eaten anything yet today. Breakfast time (while the photos are transferring from the camera)!
68 photos
Strange. I want to be bound again ;-D