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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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I had some "some alone" time, and, as usual during the last several years, I fully relied on my SCM (SubConscious Mind) and followed it with the maximum attention.

On the first day the SCM made me insert this plug completely, including the base and even use another plug to shove it even farther. They I had to wear PVC panties, several layers of pantyhose and very small and tight one-piece swimsuits (pantyhose, swimsuit, pantyhose, swimsuit, etc). Then the "whole package" was locked with this construction:


Got the idea? The belt was so tight, so I could not take anything off until the time lock opens. And the time was set to 4 hour 30 min...

Then I was off for some walk in the neighbourhood with headphones on (Mona Blu, Poison Ivy, Mistress Samba). Walking was ... interesting ... with quite a concentration on what's going on inside. Also, the overly tight belt kept the muscles tensed. When I got back home 7km and 1.5h later (this is when I made the photo) the timer was showing 3h...

Next ordeal was a 12cm dildo - gag, fully inserted and tightly wrapped with sticky tape with no possibility to remove without using hands. Headphones still on, pantyhose on top (also secured with tape), pantyhose on arms, ankle cuffs, knees bound, arms handcuffed behind the back, the key is tossed 3m away.


I enjoyed the funny records and after 30min or so began to slooooowly walk towards the key. Walking with these leg-cuffs on is VERY difficult and can be painful. But I managed to retrieve the key, unlock the cuffs, and, finally, took the dildo out of my throat. Quite an experience!

The timer on my belt went off, but I added an hour, fell on my bed and dozed off for a bit.
On the next day the things got serious.

Beginning with the plugs:


First, my old latex panties with built-in plug went up (completely) plug first. They were pushed farther with another plug (today the base was not fully inserted).

Pantyhose on legs, arms, swimsuit, and another swimsuit with a single-glove. Then a long gag (locked with a padlock) and nose hooks:


this construction might be familiar from You can relieve some tension on the nostrils by tilting the head backwards at the cost of the dildo sliding deeper in the throat. But you can choose. Latex hood with zipped up flaps on top:


Ankles bound, knees bound, arms behind the back handcuffed and chained to the bed leg through the timer, which was set to 1h 6min (I misunderstood my SCM and tried to set it to 1h30min, but the timer was reset and set to 1h6min). Two keys were placed outside of the reach.



I tried to lay down on the back but whatever position I tried it led to the dildo-gag blocking the airpath and/or overstretching my nostrils, so I gave up and simply sat on the bed.

Yes. Simply. The butt-plug. The butt-plug was pushing whatever was inside up, and it was aeady on the far edge of discomfort. To lower the pressure I could lean on my cuffed arms behind my back, but for that I had to bring the elbows as close to each other as possible. After some time the muscles started to ache and the hand-cuffs painfully dug into the skin. I had to sit on the dildo with my full weight again. And rock back and forth. The gag and the nose hooks also were "playing with each other" and did not let me find one stable more or less comfortable position.

I tried to stand up, but the gravity began to plug out with so familiar "enema cramps". Also, it was colder standing.

After some time the situation became .... difficult. I had no idea how much time was left. Is the lock still working? Is it stuck? How much time has passed? I could not see the window (is it dawning?)

When it became unbearable I tried to escape. Handcuffs are inescapable without the key. I could try to undo the rope. The knee rope knots were out of reach, but with some effort I got to the ankle rope. I found the knots, but they were so expertly "locked" (not overly tighten, but literally locked), so after several attempts ans muscle craps, the Plan B was abandoned.

Plan C - I could try to lift the bed and pull out the chain. We have a very heavy bed, and being tightly bound, gagged and blindfolded as I was did not help. I could make only small short pull ups, and ... lost the balance and ... tipped over...

Plan C failed. While I was laying on a cold floor, I could use Plan D - try to reach the key with my feet. I slowly crawled by touch towards the key (at least where I thought it was). Not easy, sometimes painful. The chain stretched to the maximum, but I managed to touch the key with my toe! Now let pull it... Nope! The 3mm doorstep did not allow it. I tried to pick up the key with two toes, but (pantyhose!) it was constantly slipping away.


It was a PERFECT bondage! Always on the edge, you can't rest, you have to constantly move and change the position, the escape is always VERY close but impossible, and you want to escape! And it's not a bondage unless you want to get out, but can't! And you have no idea when (or if!) you will be freed. It was simple, yet (ok, almost) perfect self-bondage.

Finally, the time lock buzzed and disconnected me from the chain. I crawled to the key, undid the handcuffs, hood, and with a huge relieve removed the gag and the nose hooks.

Then I put the latex hood back and got into the single-glove (remember, I was wearing a swimsuit with a built-in single-glove)? But the construction is quite awkward and not very useful for such purposes. So I just tried to sleep.

I fell asleep quite quickly, and as quickly woke up. The butt-plugs reminded me about themselves. Sleeping was out of question. Undoing the knots were quite difficult even with free hands and with full vision, let alone while bound, like I was...

Then our cat came in and said "Meouw". Just in time 😁

So..... Very frustratingly effective and very frustratingly teasing bondage. Thanks to my SCM again!
with your deep unsecured insertions do you not worry about things getting lost?
(12 Mar 2020, 13:38 )ltxrob Wrote: [ -> ]with your deep unsecured insertions do you not worry about things getting lost?
Yes 😉
(12 Mar 2020, 14:03 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(12 Mar 2020, 13:38 )ltxrob Wrote: [ -> ]with your deep unsecured insertions do you not worry about things getting lost?
Yes 😉

Had it happen to me once, in my early 'experimenting' days, using toys not designed for the task in hand (tut-tut!) - one moment nicely teasing, the next sucked inside and 'gone'!!!! Shok

Several seconds of shock, then a real rush of adrenaline as I felt it sliding deeper inside, then an irrational (but highly erotic) sexual sensation which distracted me for long enough to achieve a very satisfying orgasm.

With the sexual rush gone, a few moments of panic and fear (am I going to die? what will they say in the hospital? and so on) but then a more rational period of logical thinking: it went in, it's a tube that things come out of, shouldn't be a problem.

Cut to the end-game: 5 minutes or so sitting on the toilet and the naughty little blighter was back in daylight again. 

Much relief (and not a little thrilling)

(12 Mar 2020, 17:29 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]5 minutes or so sitting on the toilet
Sometimes it requires time, sometimes it requires abdomen muscles, even the lubricant will come from within. But... there are cases, and there are cases.
I finally tried the "two side penetration". Our douche has almost perfect internal size: one dildo on the left wall, another dildo on the right wall. I could go "full in" on one, yet at least one third of the other was still inside. And then back and forth. It works and it's fun! 😋

The inspector

(12 Mar 2020, 17:53 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]I finally tried the "two side penetration". Our douche has almost perfect internal size: one dildo on the left wall, another dildo on the right wall. I could go "full in" on one, yet at least one third of the other was still inside. And then back and forth. It works and it's fun! 😋
This is giving me so many ideas!
On the next day my SCM chose a bit lighter version: pink gag, pantyhose, swimsuit with long sleeves, zentai suit and another swimsuit on top.


Ankles and knees bound:


This time one end of the chain was connected to a bed leg (as before), but the other end was tightly looped around my waist and locked with a time-lock set to 1h30min. The hand-cuffs were hung on the chain at eh small of my back.


I stood up to throw the key out of the reach.


Now back to the bed. One small step (I could not see anything), two...

Grrahhhkadddybush..!!!! Mmmhpphphph....

Something happened... Either I loose my balance or slipped on the floor, but I plonked down with all my weight very awkwardly and painfully on the floor and hit the wardrobe with my head. Gagged, bound, blindfolded and with hands cuffed behind my back (after a week I still have a blue spot on my hand and a clour on the back of my head).

It took me some time to collect myself, crawl to the bed and with some efforts get onto it. Ooophhh... It was not as bad as it could be... Anyway, I had to stay like that for 1h30min. I even dozed off a couple of times, the only thing which was really annoying was the metal digging into my wrist.

Except for the nasty fall, I must say it was very good and effective. At the end I did want to get out because of the handcuffs, but even then i could find a relatively comfortable position.
Add a helmet next time? 😊