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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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Along with some food bought Kruidvat and Albert Heijn pantyhose. One size bigger than I usually wear. Gonna make DIY bodystockings again:

And more condoms - with all these experiments with toys I'm running out of them.

Was wearing latex briefs with built-in narrow (conical from 2 to 1cm) but long (14cm) and shiny pantyhose in the stealth mode (under jeans, it's pretty cold here +14C). Built-in butt-plugs are usually uncomfortable, but I like this model. And I like how the plug moves inside when I'm walking 😉
Soooo cold here .... +11 outside and raining.

Encased in two layers of shiny pantyhose + swmsuit and latex briefs with a plug. Close to adding something vanilla like jeans and t-shirt with long sleeves or something fleecy.

Speaking of the correct temperature for naughty projects. +20 is too cold, +25 is too hot ...
Finally composed that article about the hood design:
Enough toys? You can't have enough toys! The more you have the more precise you can tune your "final creation". For example, right now I need the following:

o- a leotard with long sleeves and completely closed back (it's cold here)
o- dildo: diameter: 3.5cm, length: 15-17cm (4 is too thick for my throat)
Last night I played with deep-throat dildos and lycra single-gloves. The actual idea was to try sleep with a long gag deeply in.


o- Danskin Ultra Shimmery pantyhose (legs)
o- fishnet pantyhose (legs)
o- dark blue panthose (arms)
o- butt-plug
o- swimsuit (worn backwards to keep the plug in and for added "harness-like" interest)
o- shiny leotard with long sleeves
o- shiny hood with a top
o- three different lycra bike shorts as a single-glove
o- 3x12.5 and 4x15cm dildos as gags

Quick notes:

o- All shorts feel differently, gonna buy something smaller to hold elbows closer to each other
o- I managed to fall of the bed head first. Considering my state (a dildo in my throat, arms in single-glove) it was quite scary
o- I managed to doze off a couple of times with the small dildo in!
o- The most difficult part was to zip the leotard up
o- 70 photos
About the photo camera. I found what the problem was: bad contact between the body and the remote control receiver.
Currently wearing:

o- butt-plug
o- latex g-strings (well lubed inside)
o- 4 pantyhose
o- shiny leotard with long sleeves (no zips, wide entry opening)
o- rubber shorts

The trick is to make my cock easily slide inside to stimulate a bit but not enough.
Three teasers from the last session:

I thought: why are all my condoms so baggy? They do not fit my toys let alone my own dick...

Then I noticed on the packs that the condoms I bought the last several times are for 52-65mm (diameter not length!!!) cocks!!!! Oh my.... Just measured - I can't open my mouth wider than 42mm (between teeth). The biggest dildo I have ( ) has the maximum diameter 46mm. My favourite diameter is 38-40mm.

According to "What is the size of your cock? Or deep throat gags. Part II" some of visitors have 50mm shafts... Mmmm... I hope your partners can accommodate your size...

Ha! I can use these condoms as mittens! The problem is how to grab rope and knife. Pantyhose/lycra shorts single glove can be a solution, but I want a timed release. Any ideas?