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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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(21 Jul 2011, 13:58 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]I'm about to explode... Need someone with a decent cock to tie and use me. Anybody around? 😁
Invitation accepted.
I'll tie you up and use you with pleasure, so be prepared for some hours of serious inescapable bondage in tight rubber.
And equally serious cockchoking.
I'm home alone too.....
Was just about to drop you a mail πŸ˜‰ I still owe you 3 posts (one is done, 3 to go). At least I have some time now to "post-process photos" and publish some thoughts. I figured out the problem I have with hoods and big-long gags πŸ˜‰
Ooohhhh this butt-plug is driving me crazy.... I aeady do not know if it hurts or quite the contrary. Endless conference calls...

Fortunately I'm locked in cb6000
What a session (will be called self-bondage session 75). Was going for simplicity but could not stop. Was wearing the same clothes (see above), same plug, same cb6000. Added my favourite latex hood with inflatable gag (connected to the piss-condom) and latex gloves.

The photos are still being copied, haven't seen them yet. But there was something strange: either the remote-control battery is dead or the hot-shoe contacts are not good. Gonna buy new batteries anyway.

cb6000 worked surprisingly good. Still no orgasm despite a powerful vibrator I tried to use right after the session - no luck. Just pain from the cage (which is, after I used electric tape and glue to hold the halves together,, survived the hydraulic pressure) and huge general excitement. The vibe could not help. The edge was behind my reach.

I spent in bondage more than planned. As always I thought: "Mmm... this ice cube is a bit broken, I'll add this small piece". I managed to undo some knots and SRD, to lessen the strain a bit, but I was still totally bound I had to wait for the ice. But at least I managed to fall asleep (rather short periods, but still...)

Even after I was free from my bed, instead of crawling to the knife, I tried to find a comfortable position and sleep bound, but it was too cold. So, I cut off the wrist loop (I think I destroyed my premade karada rope as well), grabbed a latex blanket and jumped into the bed again.

But no luck. I was really well worn out. Shower, removed plugs, cb6000, replaced latex with pantyhose encasement and a water-polo swimsuit and finally could have a good rest.
It was my new record. I was plugged with almost all day and night. And was locked in latex with cb6000 during the same period.
Got the photos. Half of them are dark (because the flash did not go off), but since I noticed that I made more photos.

I spend three and a half hours in bondage and undid some knots after 2 hours (the planned time). BTW, I'm not sure I could get to the knife if I did not undo the knots. My arms were in a Japanese-box-tie-like position and I was semi-hogtied.

Anyway, it was an interesting tie.
Currently wearing pantyhose on legs and arms, a swimsuit, latex shorts and
I don't know how many hours in a row I was gagged (6?7?) but my teeth hurt. My butt does not complain too much after hmmm ... aeady two days πŸ˜‰
Gagged myself with a 3x12.5cm dildo. It;s held in by a latex strip (old stocking). Let's see how long I can keep it.

Strange thing, I immediately gag on a similar sized inflatable (only air inside, no firm core) dildo.
Leaking from all sides... Saliva is streaming on the keyboards. Apparently need a half mask for the lower part of my face πŸ˜‰ Any suggestions?