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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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Need to fix the shoes. I have a new pair of 5" heels, but one leather strap broke free. First shop, then needle.
Just got back home. After the shower I put on glass-shiny-bronze Albert Heijn Matglanzend pantyhose and the new latex shorts with a penis&balls sheath. Strange feeling - the sheath pushes the balls forward, so the cock looks very small, and there's good 2" of unused space. If I pull the balls in place with my hand - the cock properly fills all the space and looks "as it should".

Is it normal for such garment? Or my shorts are "special"?
Will make and post photos later.
Just made a couple of photos. I have no more latex polish :-\ So latex looks dull.
Any ideas for tonight? I'm thinking about using the anal hook... I haven't tried it yet. Your suggestions are very welcome ;-P
Thanks to Eric Oops, just posted the self-bondage locking stock article:
Finally posted the photos of myself in very-very silicone sprayed latex stockings, transparent briefs and high heels (the one I need to repair):
More heels photos to "post process".
Take some photos of you getting into that sleep sack wearing the latex catsuit and mask. Take some before getting the sleepsack and after pics too. Get some shots of your booty too diff angles.
Just got back home ... wow ... later ... something to eat first...