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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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I think I'm going in circles. I repeat my most effective self-bondage scenarios over and over. On the one hand, it's good, because I can perfect them. They are effective, inescapable, contain all necessary attributes, more or less predictable. But on the other hand they get boring.

You can't get out of yourself, most things happen internally and invisibly from the spectators, but still I want some visible progress.

And simplicity does not always work like it should. There is nothing simpler than two naked bodies making sex with each other. But we want to spice things up, we need details, attributes, fetishes to keep or increase the excitement.

Not just a baggage strap wit a ratchet, but neat rows of glossy rope. Not bare skin, but shiny latex or nylon. Not masturbation with your lead hand, but desperate convulsive jerks of self-trussed, self-bound, self-plugged and self-gagged own body.

No we are not looking for the easiest way... And everything is just for internal and external erection...
Unfortunately, nobody around can give an advice or come up with a brilliant idea. 😉

Off to work and to naughty pictures. The former gives money, the latter - erection.
Are you still with me?
(22 Jul 2011, 16:05 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Leaking from all sides... Saliva is streaming on the keyboards. Apparently need a half mask for the lower part of my face 😉 Any suggestions?

Solved with a swim cap! I cut off the top (~3cm) and wore it upside down, so the cut hole is on my neck. It perfectly holds (and forces) a dildo in my throat. Need either another cap to wear it normally under the first one. Will try to wear the "holder" with a usual latex hood with an open mouth. Will make a couple of photos later.
Changed the thread name a bit. I think it's more adequate now.
Wow I am impressed.

I hope you have a good time.

Sadly I do live to far away.... coz I am pretty good in shibari 😉
Not "too far away", AFAIK 😉

Any experience with suspension? 😋
(24 Jul 2011, 22:06 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Unfortunately, nobody around can give an advice or come up with a brilliant idea. 😉


So, Ra is all alone and wants some depraved pervert to come up with ideas to get his dirty mind full of erotic excitement and fire his lustful fantasies… sounds like a job for MJ!

Here’s a scene to consider.

Suggested Equipment:
Enema gear: secure plug, long enema hose and enema bag (the largest you feel you can take then add a few 100ml more! Content is your choice)
Many pairs of pantyhose (your choice again, but more are better than less) and enough for full encasement (head, arms and hands)
Latex briefs (optional with sheath) and Lycra/ latex leotard/body
Lycra/pantyhose hood and ear plugs
Gag (I think the penis gag)
Lockable wrist cuffs/handcuffs
A long chain, plus a selection of padlocks.
Duct tape (or similar)


You will need 3 locations within the house;

Location 1 – starting position, where you will be tied and ‘safe’ from the enema (bedroom or somewhere similar?)
The enema bag and long hose need to be set up here, positioned in such a way that you can be bound without ‘suffering’ but movement will release the full flow of your chosen enema liquid. Here you will leave the ropes, wrist cuff /handcuffs, gag and hood for use later. One end of the chain, plus padlock, will also be here, but no key!

Location 2 – a tether point, which you will have to reach to start to gain your freedom and which will cost you an enema.
At Location 2 will be the other end of the chain, locked to a fixed object, but not further than the enema hose will reach and a key to the padlock at location 1. This means you must reach Location 2 (and trigger the enema) before you can reach Location 3. It would be more fun if the key was frozen in ice or you had lots of keys to try before you found the correct one. You will also need to have a clamp for your enema hose here.

Location 3 – release point, a final location where you will, eventually, become free.
I think this should be the bathroom, because if my plan works you WILL be desperate at this point and I’m not going to be too cruel…. At least not this time! Diablo
At this location there will also be some scissors and the key to your wrist cuffs/handcuffs. Ideally this will a reasonable distance from Location 2, but must be safely reachable whilst you are bound.

Getting started:

After inserting the enema plug and ensuring a comfortable fit you will add your latex pants to seal the plug inside, with the hose in an accessible position for connection to the enema bag later. Now cover you legs with pantyhose, and encase as much of your body as you can before adding your leotard over the top – I’d also add the ear plugs at this point. I think a karada and a nice pair of high heels will add an element of glamour - don’t you agree?😁

Now for the first deviant suggestion – pull on an old pair of pantyhose to protect your leotard and the pantyhose aeady covering your body, next use the duct tape to wrap around your crotch and hips to ‘seal’ the enema plug (and your cock) away from any easy access without the use of scissors. The only contact with the outside world and your cock & ass should now be the enema hose from the plug, which will ideally be exiting from your encasement at your neck with a 1.5m length free.

This is your last chance to check everything is in place and any emergency escape plans are available.

Get yourself to Location 1. Carefully connect the enema hose without triggering any release, the connection must be secure and not likely to pull off or the hose become tangled. Legs need to be tied now; ankles first, then below and above your knees and finally a few turns around your thighs – don’t forget to cinch all of them tight! I recommend taking a final rope from your ankle cinch upwards, from the back of your legs, across the front of your crotch and tying it off to the front of your karada so that your legs have to remain bent slightly. At this point you should lock the chain to your bound ankles, making sure you can’t cheat and remove it without the key.

Now to complete your encasement: no area of skin must be left exposed and you should also add you gag, preferably so that it over at least one layer on nylon and forces it into your mouth and is then covered by another layer making removal more difficult. Over all of these layers you should put on your Demask hood.

Your hands should also be encased by now, so you can add the wrist cuffs (if using hand-cuffs these are added later) and maybe find a use for those tiny condoms you brought by mistake! A couple over each hand will restrict your feeling and freedom of movement.

Nearly there, just your wrists to go: this is the final stage and once completed you are forced to stay bound or suffer. Wrists can be in front (no chance of playing with yourself through those layers of duct tape) or behind and can be tethered to your body in some fashion if desired (Karada harness?), but make sure you have enough movement to reach your chained ankles and the enema hose at its connection to the tube from the enema bag. Now go for it, CLOSE THAT LOCK before your lose your nerve.

With that final click you’re trapped until you are ready to make the long journey (how long is up to you) via the enema and tether point to your final release.

Are you ready to try? Are you sure you can hold on? 😋

At Location 2 you will be able to unchain your ankles, disconnect the enema tube and seal the hose from your plug - which is a cunning plan in itself; if you haven’t taken the whole enema the remains will spill over the floor once you disconnect the tube. You can only seal one end, so have to take the whole enema and seal it inside your body or take less and leak the unused over the nice clean floor, you wouldn’t be foolish enough to seal the enema bag end and risk your own fluids leaking out… would you? And don’t forget that all the time you have to fumble around with encased fingers to unlock your chain and clamp the hose – this isn’t going to be easy, even if your hands are in front!

On to Location 3 now; was it really such a good idea to start so far away? I reckon that by now your colon will be doing all sorts of things to hurry you along. Can you hold on? I don’t think you have an option, do you?

How’s that for scenario to get you going? It certainly got me excited and ever so jealous about your 2 weeks of home alone fun!

If you’d like more ideas – just ask ,I sure I can do extreme ones (achievable but unlikely) or more realistic



(25 Jul 2011, 15:43 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]So, Ra is all alone and wants some depraved pervert to come up with ideas to get his dirty mind full of erotic excitement and fire his lustful fantasies…

Excellently worded! 😁
(23 Jul 2011, 14:28 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Just stumbled upon a pair of gay S&M pr0n sites. Interestingly enough, despite I found lots of real images of some of my dreams, it looks disgusting. An absolute turn down. While the general concept is the same as I imagine or have seen in the art, the difference is in the interpretation, accents, clothing, attributes, attitude, intentions. There's no erotic or fetish context. Pure brutal sexual aggression, raw meat.

Cocks, sperm, transparent condom rubber do turn me on and I do have some good photos to compare with. As always and everywhere. Same subject - huge difference.

Now I need something stimulating. Good art probably? The gay sites stimulate me to go jogging and do more heavy physical exercises. No bondage, no sexual activity, no leather, no way!!!

Off to the shop to buy some ham for breakfast....

Oh how I recognise those feelings!

I don't have any desire for a male partner, but just sometimes when I'm in the self-bondage 'zone' I really fantasise about certain elements and I'm almost certain that if a cock magically appeared.... Blush

On the subject of 'good art' I've posted a little something in the 'Art' section