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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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Currently watching over parent's place. Have the feed the cats each morning and evening, So at nights I stay at the place. A LARGE house, all on my own. GF occasionally popping over, but not nearly every evening. Just too bad that my parents didn't leave the car out of the garage. 😟 The ceiling winch now isn't accessible. And they didn't leave the keys of the car either..

Couple of nights ago, I indulged myself in a simple night session. Nothing really constrictive, but tied my ankles in a comfortable position, and locked my wrists together. Spent the night like that. Sometimes I dream in that position, but not that night, as far as I can remember..
(16 Jul 2010, 08:57 )TTD Wrote: [ -> ]And pleeeeeeeeeease Like, show us some pictures of your trainingsessions.

Made some photos (79) last night. Will publish later. Publishing takes more time than "having fun" 😉

Even surprised myself. New record - the thickest part (45mm) of this double dildo I thought that the head would tear me apart, but no, it slid in with considerable efforts. I think I managed to insert 14cm. Breathing is not possible at all.

I noticed interesting thing - I have absolutely no problems with 12.5cm. I can even fall sleep with such a gag. But the next 1cm gives me troubles and gags me in about 10 seconds. It passes another "gate". Need to check the anatomy.

Can't get further than 17cm.

But what a fun! Who could ever have thought that I will found the "double penetration" so pleasurable!
Quote:Can't get further than 17cm.

You should take lessons from this lady...
(17 Jul 2010, 07:54 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]Can't wait - is this the ultimate 'chastity device'... the wait for new photos? 😋

Suffering from enforced SB chastity at the moment - so busy with work and home life that my last session seems like it was years ago 😟

Oh, tell me about it... I feel like "breaking out from my every day bondage". Not that I'm complaining, but self-bondage fun is a very rare event in my life. So I'm trying to use the time as effectively as I can.

I had plans to clean-up the bathroom in the morning, so I slept in a full latex outfit to be ready right away. Rubber tights, rubber surfsuit, rubber gloves, 20cm plug, "DIY chastity device" (also took a pair of photos) and a gag. That was my pyjama for the night and this is what I'm wearing right now.

The dildo ( ) woke me up earlier than I planned, but I simply had to make it out and it all ended up with a huuuuuge enema. Then I replugged myself with this butt-plug and went to my latex bed again.

Time for the bathroom cleaning! And the small dildo is going to replace the gag.
(17 Jul 2010, 11:20 )culmor Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:Can't get further than 17cm.

You should take lessons from this lady...

Her throat does not expand, strange. Here's another one:

I wonder if there is a trick with these balloons. There's another video where a women inserts almost twice the distance between her stomach and mouth.

Fun ...
Wearing latex outfit and plugs during house cleaning does not make the procedure pleasant or easier, but definitely less boring. The first part is done.
Black latex under Sun is hot! Very hot! Literally! Could not stand more than 20 seconds.
This is a draft of self-bondage session 68:

Let me know if you find any errors, or if you have any questions or ideas.
Just peeled the latex off. I put it on last night (and changed in the morning), so spent the whole day properly plugged and rubberized. Actually, I did not want to, I love latex on my skin, and the more I wear it the less I want to take it off, but since I'm planning to be encased in latex tonight again, I decided to give my skin some rest.

Between the cleaning sessions I took a short nap while completely encased in rubber. I wore this hood with a buiit-in gag: . Interestingly, I was never able to sleep in that hood. The gag always slid in and changed something in the breathing pattern waking me up. No no gagging. But something related to how you take a breath: with your nose, mouth, or both. But today the gag did not bother me at all. I wonder if it's related to my "deep throat" training.
I lost a kilo and a half since the beginning of the week. Latex, enema, self-bondage, less sleep, less food, house chores make you thinner 😉 OK, will return to the proper physical exercises when my family is back (no bondage, no enema, no latex, no time, more food 😉