Pantyhose from supermarkets and DIY bodystockings

shiny diy bodystockingsWhat do you think about cheap (< €3) pantyhose from supermarkets and chains like Albert Heijn, Lidl, Kruidvat, Hema, Auchan, Aldi, etc? Having played with Wolford, Oroblu, Omero, La Perla, Maxmara, Falke and so on, my opinion was quite strong –Albert Heijn Panty crap. But since I was advised by Searcher to use Albert Heijn pantyhose for the DIY bodystockings I decided to sacrifice €2.39 and bought AH Matglanzend 15 den suntan (colour “Sherry”) pantyhose. I chose one size bigger, since they were supposed to be pulled up as high as possible.

The result was quite shocking. I don’t know who produces pantyhose for Albert Heijn, but, in Albert Heijn Pantyhosea nutshell, I fell in love with the shiny beauty. Absolutely unbelievable. Now I see no reason in buying Jovanda Crystal 17 or Breeze 12 (two times more expensive), Oroblu Style 15 (3 times more expensive, difficult to find), Philippe Mattignon Miro 15 (2-3 time more expensive and not easy to find).

Something to think about…

But back to the bodystockings. Making two slits in the band took me around 5 minutes, and this is what it looks like:

Man in shiny pantyhose img__02863 Man in shiny pantyhose img__02865 Man in shiny pantyhose img__02877 Man in shiny pantyhose img__02879

The first photo shows how I was dressed when I was in a supermarket. The Sun was shining and so were my pantyhose!

img__02884There’s one drawback, though. The”straps” cut deeply into the skin.

I think I mad a mistake with the size. According to the size chart size 46/48 I bought is not “longer” but “wider”, so the fit was not perfect. Will buy 42/44 (my size) next time.

Also see this post about inverted bodystockings.

15 thoughts on “Pantyhose from supermarkets and DIY bodystockings”

  1. Interesting way to make a quick body stockings! Now I have to go try it sometimes.

  2. nice idea, I did something similar for a return flight from the USA to the UK, I got the size right and was most comfortable, if they have a wide waist band it helps


  3. I love the dancer’s body-tights from Capezio. Though they only come in tan (AFAIK) and they’re quite odd in that they have a hole under the foot that makes them convertible to ‘footless’ they have a superb texture, are incredibly clingy and make a great ‘underwear’ layer to leotards and tights.

    capezio body

    If you know Katrina’s pics, he often wears them under his Danskins and leotards (as I do). As he writes, they ‘feel yummy’…

  4. I love the ‘body-hose’ Capezio intend as dancer’s underwear. They only come in one shade of tan and they have a odd hole under the foot so the dancer can convert them to ‘footless’ but their fabric and fit are superb (especially if you buy them a`size too small 😉 ). You could always stitch the hole up, I suppose.

    If you know Katrina’s pictures, he often wears them (as I do) under his Danskin Ultra-shimmers and leotards and describes the feeling as ‘yummy’. I think he’s understating it, IMO they really have to be experienced to be believed.

  5. These work. I tweaked the links a bit. BBcodes are not supported by WordPress, you have to use HTML.

    I was thinkingabout the body-hose/bodystockings. I take it you can buy a shiny version, right?

  6. I wonder if anyone tried attaching a short lenght of chain with a small padlock in between the pantyhose waist band which will make it a chastity bodystocking or pantyhose to be worn at long hours at public places like shopping at the mall or to the movies? Just cut out the crotch area for easy hygine call to the toilet. The idea is to take a challenge on how long can you wear this selfbondage pantyhose until it runs! You may wear it for a days to a week. But I only manage to wear it over the two days in weekend even in public places clubing under my dress until it laddered. Too much stress over the nylons due to dancing 😉

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