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Full Version: Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts
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Can anybody motivate, inspirit or provoke me for a self-bondage session? A proper picture , photo or an idea would do. For I loose proper concentration...
Morning everybody. Was so tired yesterday, hence needed extra-inspiration.

Dug out double-layered lycra bondage sack with hood, fixed the zipper and got in. I bought it at MrB in Amsterdam with a discount. The sack is a size smaller (S instead of M), and it's more difficult to get in.

To restrict my arms even more I put on a wide an very tight dogs collar on my waist (over the bondage bag). And when completely in and zipped up got my arms behind my back in a semi-Japanese box-style but with lower arms and hands pushed upwards. Excellent position, but as soon as my muscles accommodated it was VERY difficult to bring the arms back to the front. So, there is at least one (though, a bit dangerous) possibility to use this sleeping sack for selfbondage.

The breathing is also restricted, so I slept with an opened upped (hood) zipper. I wore my usual clothes: pantyhose on legs and arm and a water-polo swimsuit. (I'm still wearing it while typing).
I find pantyhose on arms extremely erotic. I have no problem typing while completely encased in thin pantyhose. But unfortunately I have to take them off my hands to prepare breakfast 😟
I wonder if my neighbours saw me in bicolour Oroblu 30 pantyhose (legs), nur Die Transparent 15 (arms), water-polo swimsuit and small jeans shorts. Was walking back in forth in the garden to feed the cats.
Sleep "deprivation" reminded me that I need to sleep more and not only play with naughty stuff and upload pictures. Off to take a nap for an hour. Then more work...
Hey, I do not believe you do not any stimulating pictures! Have a look in your collection. Found, let's say, 5 and upload them in one of the threads here:
(17 Jul 2010, 11:06 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Can't get further than 17cm.

But what a fun! Who could ever have thought that I will found the "double penetration" so pleasurable!

20cm for a split second!
In garden shops you can buy nylon nets (to cover plants against birds) of various sizes. Mine is 2x5 meters. I haven't used it yet, but one side (the 2m one) is aeady "sewn" to the stair pillar. I'm not gonna use it today, but from time to time I add a rope or two to the construction.

Have a couple of ideas ... And you?
Tried a test forced deep-throat self-bondage scenario with a bondage bag. It worked as expected, however the breathing (aeady half-blocked by the dildo) was further restricted by the double-layered bag. What in combination with the generated warmth did not allow for a longer session. I literally starved for fresh air. (I bet, TTD would love that).

Also, I would add a "pull out" system to pull the dildo out of my throat but for a penalty.

Will post photos later.
Still in Kruidvat pantyhose (arms, legs), tight water-polo swimsuit and with a butt-plug. Just the proper clothes to feed the cat outside on the full view of the neighbours 😉