Winter, weather, body, ads and where is Like Ra?

Beginning with the last question – still here 😉 But very busy.

– with the job (which is about to change somehow in the next few months).

– with home servers, computers, networks, electronics, navigation systems, etc. (upgrades, updates, patchings, backups …. The server OS must be finally reconfigured and upgraded. The bugs, slowness, disks running out of space and memory leaks make me nuts).

– with education (too much to learn, too much to read, too much to try and only 24 hours a day. I’m soooooo behind both the latest and remaining fundamentals).

– with my own body… You know, I used to train 5-6 days a week. And then came the winter. Very unusual winter for Europe, I must say. Three months of negative temperatures. Snow, ice, frost, slush, rain, snow, ice, frost, slush, wind… Even the full neoprene suit I bought in December could not help. While it does protect from the cold, it was very difficult even to walk because of the ice with water.

So, the amount of trainings reduced to just 2 indoor ones. The result is +4 kg in three months. Oh my … All my efforts during the last two years…

Anyway, the ice is gone, and I’m back to my schedule. Need to work hard or I will not be able to get in to my old and not-yet-received latex suits. But that also takes time.

You may have noticed that some banner/ads (actually, I even liked them) disappeared from the site. The company decided to change their business profile and withdrew itself from widget ads. The result is less income to cover the site expenses.

And on top of that – our cat disappeared one month ago. Just before yet another wave of snow and frost. Absolutely no results despite our furious efforts. Apart from chronically soar throat…

The bottom line is – both libido and motivation are oscillating around zero. I’m fighting for results and progress, but to no avail (or probably way too slow). Time to jump to the next (higher, please) level?

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