Test self-bondage mummification deep throat session 70

Deep throat self-bondage mummification One of my dreams I could never try out before is “forced deep throat” during a self-bondage session.

First of all I could not deep throat. Second, despite I’ve seen lots of published scenarios, none of them could be used. They were all “thought experiments”. So, I needed to invent something by myself.

But thanks to pictures sent to me by TTD, I could solve the former problem and invented something to address the latter.

See the description of the test/draft session with 28 photos below.

The ideas behind this session

  • to test one of the deep throat scenarios
  • to play with the mummification aka sleeping aka bondage bag

I was wearing the following

The sack is one size smaller (S instead of M), quite tight and it’s difficult to get. To restrict my arms even more I put on a wide an very tight dogs collar on my waist (over the bondage bag). And when completely in and zipped up got my arms behind my back in a semi-Japanese box-style but with lower arms and hands pushed upwards.

Excellent position, but as soon as muscles accommodate it might be VERY difficult to bring the arms back to the front. The tightness of the upper part of the sack depends on how much material you pull through the belt upwards or downwards.

The tight built-in hood pressed against the dildo slowly forcing it in my mouth and then in my throat. At the time of shooting this session I was not able to take it fully in, so you see the base sticking out. Only two days later I could “swallow” it fully.

Two issues:

  • The breathing (already half-blocked by the dildo) was further restricted by the double-layered bag. What in combination with the generated warmth did not allow for a longer session. I was literally starving for fresh air.
  • Such long and thick dildo has to be periodically taken out to allow swallowing to clean-up the throat. A some king of a pull-out “mechanism” is needed. A rope between the dildo and a stationary object?

6 thoughts on “Test self-bondage mummification deep throat session 70”

  1. I have been thinking of deep throat gags for some time now. I agree with you that they should be long and flexible 6 to 12 inches long and 1 inch diameter. What bothers me is having to take it out to breathe. Why not make the gag breathe through with a tube down the middle. I have been able to take a 9 inch gag of 1 inch diameter for 35 to 40 seconds without having a gag reflex. feeling the gag down my throat was interesting but not scary; if I could breathe through it I could likely tolerate it for 10 or more minutes or longer with training.

  2. EBear_ca ” wrote:

    Why not make the gag breathe through with a tube down the middle.

    You can use enema butt-plugs. I have a couple and they work. However, they are more rigid.

    But actually, you still should be able to breath around even 4+ cm thick plugs. At least I can…

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