Blue rubber shorts with anal and balls sheaths

Latex rubber shorts with anal sheathUsually it takes me a lot of time to decide what fetish/bondage “object” to buy. It must be multifunctional. It must be practical (in the sense of bondage, self-bondage or everyday use) and it should not cost too much.

These shorts is a very good example of the “usage flexibility” in possible scenarios, DIY solutions or as everyday undergarment. I can’t say that the anal sheath is very comfortable especially with usual plugs or dildos, but it’s very practical with small toys (ben-wa balls, stones, small vibrators), because it does not allow them to disappear “in the deep”.

The balls sheath with a cock ring keeps you interested if you are wearing these pants under, for example, thin transparent shiny pantyhose (see a photo below). What also makes the pants very suitable for spicing up your daily life.

Also it can hold a piss condom in place (you can connect the tube to whatever your fantasy can think of 😉 see photos).

See 10 photos with comments below and the discussion in the forum here.

[spoiler intro=”Some nudity here” title=”Look around before clicking”]

Latex rubber shorts, latex pantyhose with unzipped crotch, transparent small piss condom
The condom is so small that my cock can not grow any further and gets very tightly squeezed by the rubber
You got the idea, right?
Rubber shorts in combination with thin shiny pantyhose

4 thoughts on “Blue rubber shorts with anal and balls sheaths”

  1. Where did did you get them, and how much.
    Yes, I am very new to latex and rubber.

  2. How odd – if I’d not read the text and only looked at the Blog picture (9597), I’d have been convinced this was a latex mask with ball gag and external dildo!

    …does this mean I’m a pervert?



  3. Madjack ” wrote:

    this was a latex mask with ball gag and external dildo

    He-he, yes, but I prefer to see a turned inside out mask with a built-in looong gag ;-P

  4. D.V. ” wrote:

    Where did did you get them, and how much.

    The price was around €35-40. The website I bought the briefs from does not exist anymore. Will look around, will post a link if I find another shop.

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