Design flaw in latex hoods, masks and helmets. Any manufacturers around?

latex hoods masks gagsSimple experiment. Measure the distance right between under your chin and right under your nose. Let’s call this distance Scn1. In my case Scn1=7cm.

Now measure the diameter (Dg) of you favourite gag (or cock, if you have one close at hand ;-). The dildo in my mouth has Dg=4cm. With the dildo deeply in, the chin-nose distance Scn2:

Scn2 = Scn1 + Dg = 7cm + 4cm = 11cm

If you do not want to puncture you favourite cock and do want to allow easy sliding in and out and breathing with you mouth around it, add 0.5-1cm.

Now take you favourite hood with a mouth opening or a built-in gag and measure the chin-nose Scn. I did and in ALL cases (and I have quite a collection) Scn=7cm

What does that mean? No hoods are designed to be used with a gag or a cock!!! Even the hoods with built-in 4-5 cm gags have no space for the lower jaw. Its place is taken by the gag, so the jaw goes into the narrower neck part.

Of course, latex is elastic. I could pull the hood with both hands so the Scn became 12cm, but it was not easy at all. The latex does resist. What happens when you open you mouth, is:

  • The upper part of the hood slides down
  • Nose openings also move down, they are not aligned with your nostrils anymore, and you can’t breath properly (yes, some of us actually like it, but I definitely do not)
  • Under the tension the nose part of the hood compresses the nose, thus even more restricting breathing
  • As I already said, the lower jaw has to stretch the neck part. If the latex is thick (I have a mask made from 1mm latex) after some time you may end up with a bruise on your chin.
  • If the mouth opening is not wider than the outer line of your lips with mouth closed, when you open your mouth, the lips will move not together with the latex, but behind it, and after a certain point the breathing hole will stop increasing despite your efforts to open your mouth wider.
  • And yeah, forget about the comfort if the latex is thicker than 0.2mm …

I do understand when some hoods are designed to keep your mouth shut, but what about the ones with gags? Why no manufacturers addressed this issue? Am I the only one who noticed that? Really?

Bishop's bondage artI do not have any leather hoods, so I do not know if they have the same problem. It should be worse, since leather is not elastic.

Look at Bishop’s drawing on the left. This is what such hoods should look like! Is it difficult to make them? Of course no. A bit more material, a bit different patterns, a bit different dipping form. It needs to be done once and for all.

Any manufacturers around?

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