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House of self-bondage
House of self-bondage
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MJ-SB10/2013 – Vacuum bag on the bed, not quite as planned
After my very successful encasement session, I fancied something different and looked to my vacuum bondage for inspiration

70den closed crotch nylon bodysuit with sheath
20den black pantyhose
6 knee-highs
large butt plug
Home-made ‘penis’ gag
cling film (saran wrap)
large plastic bag with attached breather tube
Elastic band
Vacuum cleaner
Digital timer
Ear Plugs
black long sleeved turtleneck body

The session:
My plan was to try something a bit different for this session including how I would be dressed and where I would be vacuum bagged.

I’ve stuffed my mouth with my home made ‘penis gag’ and then wrapped multiple layers of cling film over my head, making sure I open up the hole on the gag to breathe through. It’s aeady quite hot inside my plastic hood as I pull on two laddered knee-highs to almost complete my encasement and climb into the bag on top of the bed and set the video recorders running.

 1 setting up.png   

I’ve connected up the vacuum cleaner much as before, but this time there is also a couple of large cushions and a long pipe, on the end of the vacuum hose, inside the bag. The cushions will, hopefully, ensure the vacuum isn’t blocked by the plastic bag as the air is sucked out.

 2 getting in.png     2a getting in.png     2ab getting in.png     3 sealing the ends.png   
As is my habit, I’ve given myself somewhere around 10 minutes to get inside the bag, seal the ends, pull more knee-highs over my wrists and get comfortable before the first cycle starts its 1min of air extraction.

 3 waiting.png   
I’ve waited what seems an eternity before I suddenly hear the vacuum cleaner switch on, the air starts to rush out of the bag and I feel the plastic begin its embrace of my body.

 4 going.png     4a going.png     4a gone.png     4a gone.png   

This feels wonderful, but I know it’s not quite right and a cool draft flows across my face and down to my feet. Once again I’ve failed to seal the bag properly and must wait until the cycle ends before having a second go.

 5 fixing leaks.png   
I’ve re-sealed the bag again and am in my 5min cycle, but all is not well. There is another leak somewhere and although I’m well and truly stuck inside the bag this isn’t as tight as I want it to be.

Isn’t it odd how frustrating being helpless can be, when you actually want to be even more helpless?! I guess only a bondage fanatic would understand that emotion! 😁

 5a new position.png   
I’ve escaped the bag after 5 very frustrating minutes and have been unable to find out where and why there is air leaking into the bag. I’m getting increasingly desperate for a much more intense experience and experiment with holding the bag closed around my neck, with my head outside the plastic. Its ok, but not what I’m looking for.

I try and try again but nothing is working and suddenly I realise that I’m getting too reckless in my pursuit of self-bondage perfection and that what I’d just planned in my mind could have killed me!

Time to stop, this is getting dangerous and I am not about to end my self-bondage career through stupidity.😒Dodgy

What went well?
Not a lot! In short the session just didn’t deliver what I’d hoped it would and that was a disappointment.

If I shall take any positives out of the session one is that my brain finally overcame my libido to prevent me from doing something utterly stupid and potentially lethal.

Another small plus was the cling film over my head, instead of the usual duct tape. Duct tape is fine, but unlike in the bondage photos and movies where a tiny strip seems to be enough to silence the most vocal of heroines I find that even multiple layers soon come away from my face as I sweat and saliva seeps out. The cling film worked much better, but did require some care when applying.

What could be improved?

That seal! Once again it has failed and once again I feel that through such a simple thing a whole session has not lived up to its true potential.

A longer, but narrower, bag – I’m sure the problem with the seal is that I’m trying to gather too much plastic in too short a distance. The bag is only just over 190cm long, but is quite wide (it’s designed to cover a double mattress), this means that when I’m inside it there is not enough room above my head to gather in the width of plastic necessary to make a good seal. I feel the need to go onto eBay and get searching!

As always I hope you enjoyed my (mis-)adventures in self-bondage

Please feel free to comment


Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 4b gone.png   
Hi MJ..
Can I ask what sort of timer you are using to achieve the off-on-off-on-off variable intervals.
The 7day plug in ones seem inappropriate for this as you would need to reprogram it every time you wanted to do something as time moves on.
Any links?
(03 Jul 2016, 18:29 )ltxrob Wrote: Hi MJ..
Can I ask what sort of timer you are using to achieve the off-on-off-on-off variable intervals.
The 7day plug in ones seem inappropriate for this as you would need to reprogram it every time you wanted to do something as time moves on.
Any links?

I use the 7 day digital timers (8 or 10 programmes) with a 'safety test run of 1minute first followed by a full run of between 5 and 10 minutes.

To get around the re-programming I simply set my start time at 00:00 (on) then 00:01 (off), then 00:05 (on - the gap gives me time to try and fix problems or get out) and then 00:10 (off or 00:15 for my longer vacuum sessions). for safety I always make sure that no other programmes are set.

Then I set the time on the programmer to 23:45 which gives me 15mins to get ready (this seems about right for me, but others might like 20 or just 5 minutes)  - when I want to start another session I simply change the time back to 23:45 and go again.

I use the same principle for my vibrator when in rope self-bondage sessions - only then I set the time to 23:15 (45mins to set up and wait for the teasing) and use all 8/10 on/off cycles

Hope this helps

Yup. Perfect. I was just overthinking it!! Doh!!

Have you tried the remote mains switches at all?
(03 Jul 2016, 23:34 )ltxrob Wrote: Yup. Perfect. I was just overthinking it!! Doh!!

Have you tried the remote mains switches at all?

I have got one, but have never used it and I would never trust it as my only escape option (i.e. to switch off the vacuum).

I've thought of some options for it to be part of a 'stay bound or suffer' early escape plan (e.g. to switch on something that will release you before the ice melts, but will also deliver a penalty for its use, such as an enema or switching on a TENS unit)

Was thinking that I could stack them, timer and remote switch... That way I could have a bail out option while getting used to things.
Run the timer like you but effectively also have a kill switch option.

I really want to test my Vacbed but the wife won't help. 😟

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