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Side-affects - a Home Alone Fantasy
This story owes an incredible amount to the 'Home Alone' postings of our host, the mighty Ra and an exchange he and I had on the forum about aspects of fantasy that could never be realised in real life, but where so erotic they could not be completely ignored. So, thank you Ra for being my muse!

The following is my first attempt at publishing a fantasy story and I’ve tried to incorporate some of the more thrilling ‘impossibilities’ alongside genuinely achievable scenes.

It is all fiction – but does expose some of my deepest (and darkest?) erotic imaginings – some of which I know I will never experience… but isn’t that the whole point of fiction?

I am sorry but the story is not short, nor will it be an easy read for those who are not fluent in English (and maybe those who are!). It grew as I wrote it and once in the flow I found I couldn’t easily remove lines because they seemed to make it come ‘alive’ in my imagination.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment

Side-affects - a Home Alone Fantasy

He was home alone, for the next 6 months, whilst his wife was away serving with her rescue unit in the aftermath of another 3rd world natural disaster. He missed her badly, but twice weekly video calls via the internet and satellite allowed them to exchange loving messages and profess how much they both longed to be back together.

However, he was also free to pursue his secret passion and, though genuinely regretful to be separated from his true love, he was going to make the very best use of the months home alone.

The first week of his time alone, after he had finished the daily drudgery of work, he rushed around making sure all the household chores where completed, so that by Friday night (when the shopping had been concluded in record time!) he had a clear weekend to indulge in his secret passion.

His Friday afternoon purchases included something he’d never tried before – a tube of hair removal cream. In a furtive attempt to hide his shameful secret he had quickly searched the hypermarket shelves for likely products and, being a typical man, had grabbed 3 of the largest boxed pharmaceuticals that claimed ‘super power removal of unwanted hair’…. and also happened to be ‘reduced to clear ‘ at 50% of normal price.

His heart had pounded in his chest as the checkout girl had disinterestedly scanned the packets and dropped them into his basket along with the 4 packs of pantyhose, condoms, KY lube and rolls of cling-film, all hidden in-between the more usual weekly shop of man home alone. Hardly believing the attractive assistant hadn’t at least commented or even appeared to notice his strange purchases he rushed home.

The warm late summer evening allowed him plenty of time to change into his shorts and tee-shirt and complete a 10km training run well before it became dark. Still in his running gear he sat down to a light meal of chicken salad and read the instructions for the hair removal cream.
‘Nothing complex’, he thought, as he turned the pages of closely typed instructions over – ‘Seems like you smear the stuff on, wait a few minutes and wash it off again… simple! He grinned to himself as he spotted the obligatory ‘side-affects’ warning text ‘may cause hair growth’ he muttered with a smile, recalling all the medical products that seemed to have side affects exactly matching the symptoms they claimed to cure. He habitually ignored the reams of text and dropped the paper on the kitchen table.

Still clad in his sweaty running shorts, top and trainers he moved through the house into the attached workshop. Quickly he cleared a space in the middle of the large room and rolled out an old but serviceable carpet that normally sat upright in a corner of the room. Setting it squarely in the centre of the workshop he next retrieved a metal collapsible workbench from its home in a cupboard. Originally purchased to assist with woodwork the bench had turned out to be too low for comfortable use, but was perfect for what he had in mind.

Setting the bench up in the centre of the carpet he locked the 4 legs open and latched the worktop in place, opening the vice like wooden top to its maximum width. Next he placed a large cushion on to of the open top and used several lengths of strong duct tape to secure it into place. Satisfied with his work he carefully mounted the workbench so that he was positioned facedown with his arms and legs parallel to the corresponding metal leg of the workbench – he wriggled a little until he was comfortable, with his face in the open gap between the two halves of the worktop, his torso resting comfortably on the cushion and, with his body bent forwards at 90 degrees, his feet just above ground level.

He felt his cock begin to stiffen through the fabric of his shorts and sensed it pushing downwards and forwards under the cushion, he experimented briefly with a short thrusting action and delighted in the sensation of his cock rubbing the underside of the cushion.
With no windows in the workshop, his peculiar actions would remain unknown even to those who knew and loved him. His dark secret, which he liked to think of as an harmless and therapeutic hobby, may have shocked those who thought they new him well, though he suspected his wife was much more aware of his rather specialised ‘tastes’ in home entertainment than she ever admitted to.

Happy that all was in order, he moved quickly back through the house and into the bathroom to take his long overdue shower. Sitting naked on the edge of the bath-tub he reached for the tube of hair remover.
Dare he do this? He pondered as he re-read the instructions printed on the tube itself and looked at his hair covered legs. Of course he would! Following the instructions carefully he generously applied the cream to each of his legs in turn, starting at the ankle and working upwards to his groin. He paused for a moment and considered his patch of pubic hair, tufted around his cock and balls – should he? He paused to try any weigh up the option – the thrill of being hairless versus the risk of discovery, but surely the hair would grow back before his wife returned and discovered his perversion? He’d assumed that his leg hairs would quickly grow back though had an excuse ready just in case they didn’t!
In the end his own excitement won out and he liberally applied the remaining cream over his groin and balls, shivering with a combination of the cold gel and anticipation.

After waiting the prescribed period he stepped into the shower and under the flow of warm water. He marvelled at the quantity of hair that washed off his lower body and down the waste pipe, unable to believe that so much hair could have come from two legs and a pubic area. He deliberately stayed longer in the shower than usual to ensure the waste pipe was thoroughly flushed clean having now desire to start fixing a blocked drain. As the water spattered over his body he became aware of the sensations of the drops falling on truly bare skin and how these feelings where so very different to the ones he was used to. Running his hands over the hairless skin of his legs and groin he revelled in the strange sensations and became almost immediately aroused and erect.
Resisting the temptation to masturbate there and then he quickly turned off the water and stepped out of the shower - Not now, he thought, not yet….

After towelling himself dry he quickly walked naked into the bedroom, where he proceeded to retrieve a large, padlocked shut, carry-all from its hiding place deep at the back of his wardrobe. With a few moments fiddling with the combination of the padlock he opened the zipper and upended the bag over the bed, causing its contents to spill over the cotton sheet.

Now his true secret life was becoming clearer: pantyhose, rope, gags, dildos, latex & Lycra clothing, leather cuffs, locks, high heeled boots and a myriad of other fetish gear cascaded and slithered across the smooth cotton until the waterfall of perversion finally stopped and a final coloured ball bounced off the bed and onto the carpeted floor.
Retrieving the errant object he stood back and looked at his collection; the choice he faced was simple one - what he would wear for tonight’s session? His cock began to twitch again, urging him to reach down and give it the attention it was demanding - Not now, he thought, not yet….

He realised he was trembling but put it down to excitement of the moment; certainly his pulse rate was up and he felt strangely warm and amazingly happy. He gazed over the pile of objects and knew what must go first; the large silicon butt was quickly lubed up with KY and slid inside his newly hairless ass. He shuddered as the widest part of the plug stretched his sphincter muscles wide and then gasped out loud as the slim neck was suddenly swallowed inside him and the plug slid snugly home against it’s wide base. He knew he would struggle to remove such a large plug, but his excitement demanded that this had to be inside him and even that thought brought a dribble of pre-cum from the end of his cock. Calming himself he reached onto the bed and began dressing himself. 1st the condom over his erect cock, then the open crotch opaque nylon catsuit with it’s built in penis sheath, long sleeves and turtle neck. As he slid himself inside the silky fabric he marvelled at how sexily the material slid over his hairless flesh – its sensual caress like the softest of a lover’s kisses as it encased his body. He was transported back into his early puberty when he first realised his fetish for the feel and wearing of pantyhose against his flesh.

It was incredible how the sensation was enhanced by the removal of the hairs that had slowly spread over his body and he felt his passion rising again as the integral nylon sheath slipped over his now almost painfully erect cock. What he regretted was that the catsuit was crotch-less and so he could not immediately experience the feel of nylon over his newly denuded groin and balls. This was swiftly rectified as he stepped into a pair of sheer to waist pantyhose and, as he pulled them upwards to his waist, the sensation of nylon brushing his newly exposed flesh created and almost instant urge to fondle himself through the delicate material - Not now, he thought, not yet….

Dizzy with excitement he raced to complete his preparations and a pair of shiny black ankle boots, with high heels were laced onto his feet. Next he picked up a small bag and filled it with the items he still needed; video camera, several lengths of rope, a large ring gag, ear plugs, more pantyhose, 6 steel rings, some detergent bags and a selection of leather cuffs & belts. Satisfied that he had everything he pulled a bath robe over his nylon glad body and left the bedroom heading towards the workshop. En-route he checked that all the house doors and windows where locked, drawing curtains as the evening drew in and light faded, and setting the house alarm for all rooms he would not be using. His final action before entering the workshop was to retrieve a plastic container with ice cubes from the freezer. As he left the kitchen he glanced at the LED clock and noted the time was 22:06, plenty of time for fun before sleeping.

Stepping back into the brightly lit workshop he surveyed the workbench on it’s carpeted floor – he had planned this session many times and had even managed a few test runs, but tonight would be real session with real bondage and no easy escape route. With practised ease he set about preparing his scene; the video camera was positioned to show the workbench, its close environment and nothing more – even though planning to share with a community of kindred spirits he still fretted over accidentally being discovered, so did his best to retain his anonymity.

He primed the two SRD mechanisms he intended to provide his final and inescapable (until the ice melted!) bondage. He set them up between the two legs of the workbench where his arms would be, they where configured so that the right arm tether point was on the left leg and vice-versa. The rope to pull each SRD tight was positioned to be within easy reach of his left and right hands. Aware of the time it would take to begin his session he had tried to calculate how much ice to put in the detergent bags, which when melt would allow them to pull free of their fixings and release the SRDs. Normally 3 cubes would have delayed his release for 30mins, but on this warm night he had suddenly wanted something more, so with hardly a second thought he had placed 6 cubes in each bag.

His body seemed to be overloaded with sensations as he stood upright form his task, every movement brought the swishing noise of nylon to his ears and the sensations of it’s soft encasement over his whole body. His cock urgently called to him for a more passionate caress - Not now, he thought, not yet….

Desperate not to give into the basic urges of lust he moved quickly to prevent the possibility of such an easy release. Thick leather cuffs where wrapped around each booted ankle and a further set applied to each leg just above the knee and at the very top of his thighs. The last pair of cuffs proved to be almost too much for him as his hand and the leather repeatedly brushed against his encased balls causing involuntary spasms to his cock. Steadying himself against the workbench he tried to calm himself once more and, after a few moments, felt his thumping heart return to a steadier beat. He couldn’t recall feeling this aroused and excited for years, it was astonishing how the simple removal of hair could have created such strong urges within him.

With a realisation so clear that it felt like a shock through his body he knew he must bind himself urgently or the desire to cum would ruin everything. He wanted this feeling to last and last, knowing that an orgasm now would end the magic and leave him feeling cheated in some way. Without any logical or rational thought he went back to the SRDs and added more cubes to each bag only stopping when both where full. He had no idea how long they would hold him and didn’t care – his only thoughts where to prolong the eroticism of the moment.

Hurriedly he finalised his scene; rope was threaded through the pierced legs of the bench to align with the d-rings of his cuffs. Pantyhose where laid out on the cushioned top of the bench along with the gag, a roll of duct tape (found in a workshop drawer), belts, ear plugs and the video remote control. Breathing deeply he positioned himself against the bench with his legs spread parallel to the legs. Starting with his left leg he tied the corresponding ropes to each cuff in turn, repeating the process son the right leg. He was still standing upright, but before he bent forwards he selected a thinner length of rope and tied one end around the base of his cock and balls, looping the white rope several times until tight but comfortable, he repeated this action between his cock and balls this time causing his scrotum to be stretched away from his cock by the ‘collar’ of rope, he finished by tying the rope once more around the base of his cock and then threading the remaining 2m of rope under the top of the bench towards where his head would be. He experimented with tugging the free end of rope, delighting in the way his balls swung and the masturbatory feelings around his cock - Not now, he thought, not yet….

He reached for the ear plugs; thick and long foam devices designed for wear in heavy industry and virtually impossible to hear through, they needed to be carefully moulded into his ears, but once there would remain tightly in place. Picking up a pair of pantyhose he slid his left arm inside the leg and pulled the other leg over his head. He tweaked the nylon fabric until the material was aligned to his liking and the repeated the process over his right arm. With the twin layers of fabric over his head his vision was reduced but still sufficient for his purposes. With a little difficulty he wrapped a leather cuff around each wrist, fumbling through his nylon mitted fingers to tighten the twin buckles of each cuff one more notch than usual. His head felt light headed and his ears brought only the sound of blood pumping through his body, his mind raced with excitement and arousal as he ran his hands over his fully encased body. Leaning forwards he lay face down across the cushioned bench top, experimenting with positions until certain he was comfortable, knowing that he would have to remain like that for along time, finding that his preferred position had raised his booted feet above the floor – normally this is where he would have hesitated, removed half the ice cubes, maybe even stopped altogether and given in to the need to cum, but… …Not now, he thought, not yet….

Urgently he reached for the ropes tied to he leg cuffs and, starting with the ankles and moving upwards, pulled each one as tight as he could before securing the rope of to the bench. His legs where clear of the floor, spread wide and bound tightly in an immovable object. The forgotten plug, already deep in his ass was suddenly recalled and seemed to be attempting to plunge yet further within him providing another erotic burst of sensation to his tingling body. He knew he must complete his bondage immediately or he would lose the battle with his bodily desires.

By leaning upwards slightly he was able to arch himself backwards enough to retrieve the remaining items from his selection on the bench top. The ring gag went into his mouth, the leather wrapped steel ring forcing his jaws into a wide gape and as he clumsily tightened the buckle behind his head, pressing the nylon fabric against his tongue. A final pair of pantyhose, old and laddered with one leg inside the other, was pulled over his head the double layer of fabric dulling his vision further. They where followed by a leather collar, fitted snugly but not tightly around his neck – his hands found the d-ring at the front of the collar and fed the rope from his bound balls through it, leaving it lose for the moment. Now he knew the hardest part was to come – the final binding, the ultimate self-bondage.

His fingers found the video remote and sought the ‘record’ button and pressed it hard – a strained glance upwards and to his right revealed a steady red light on the camera and he knew the recording was underway. He’d loaded it with the largest capacity memory he owned but didn’t know how much of his bondage it would record.

Lying flat down, face forwards, once more he reached for the long leather belts by his side. One at a time, with great difficulty, and starting at his waist he feed the belt under the bench’s top and over his body. Each belt was pulled as tight as possible and then buckled in place, the buckles being wherever he could best reach them. The waist belt was easiest to do, the next was only a few cm higher up his body and just below his ribs and the hardest to fit, whilst the final one was right underneath his armpits and could be pulled surprisingly tight, lashing his upper body firmly to the bench and causing his breathing to become a little shallow as his chest was forced against the immovable cushioned top. Only his head, hanging forwards over the edge of the bench and arms, dangling down towards the floor, where now free from some form of bondage.

Reaching forwards he retrieved the two ends of the rope destined for his wrist cuffs, with plenty of slack he was able to bring his hands close enough to tie the rope’s end to it’s appropriate d-ring. Relaxing again he checked that the tightening cords for the SRDs where in reach and where he expected them to be. He paused, undecided at this last stage, but with a deep breath he knew he must do it. With his nylon encased hands, their cuffs trailing rope, making the task almost impossibly awkward he pulled the end of the duct tape from the roll and, starting at the back of his pantyhose covered head, proceeded to wrap layer after layer of the black tape over his already covered eyes, winding the tape as tightly as he dared downwards to the bridge of his nose and covering his already deaf ears with another sound blocking layer. In the resulting darkness he tore the tape from the roll and carefully dropped the roll onto the floor away from his remaining ropes.

His penultimate act was to find the end of the thin cord looped through his neck collar d-ring and pull it slowly tight until the rope between his bound and encased cock and balls was just tight and, with his head bowed down to wards the floor in a comfortable position, tied off – now any movement of his head would be immediately felt elsewhere.

Finally and only just in time he was ready to become truly helpless – he lowered both arms down to the floor and grasped the tightening cords, one in each hand, and began to pull. Slowly, slowly he worked the soft rope through fingers, the nylon mitten making each few cm a hard won battle. Almost imperceptibly as first the rope to each cuff began to tighten, the first feeling he had was when his right wrist was gently tugged forwards and outwards. Excitedly, his continued arousal driving rational thought from his mind, he continued to work the ropes tighter. His method was improving as he worked and with renewed efforts his left wrist was suddenly jolted forwards to rest against a bench leg. He pulled the ropes further, revelling in the way each pull of the wrist could not be undone and knowing he would soon be bound and truly helpless. His right wrist was the first was the first to be gently lifted from the carpeted floor and secured immovably to the bench leg; his fingers could not touch the floor, nor reach the cuff d-ring and its tethering rope. Almost desperately he worked to repeat the action with his left wrist and soon it joined the right in helplessness.

He was bound, by his own hand, and utterly, completely helpless – the emotion of the situation rushed through him and impossibly aroused his passions further. His ultimate fantasy had been achieved. Trussed like some bondage film star across the bench, blind and deaf to the world outside, unable to move and with his ass filled by the silicon plug.
He tested his bounds, seeking any weakness, any failing in his method. His legs would not move at all, the combination of cuffs, rope and his position leaving him with nothing to work against. His body was equally fixed in position with only a small movement of his stomach and a smaller shifting of his waist possible – his upper torso was solidly held down to the bench and no amount of struggling caused it to shift. Only his elbows and head had any degree of freedom, his wrists so firmly attached to the bench legs that he couldn’t believe it was only rope and an SRD holding them in place.

Perfect, so absolutely perfect he was in a trance – the build up of passion was still there but now he knew for absolute certainty that he could not longer bring himself to the climax his body was demanding. His heart was racing with the thrill of his predicament and his mind was full of erotic images from his web surfing and imagination. A flood of sensations seemed to washing constantly through his bound and encased form – each second a minute event would trigger something so intense that his senses seemed to reel. The twitch of muscle in his bound legs reminded him of the brush of soft nylon over his newly hairless skin and caused his bound cock to twitch and stiffen. The creak of ropes and he futilely tested his bonds, imagined more than heard through his deafened ears, evoked an image of some heroine awaiting her ravishment at the hands of a kind but dominant master. He seemed to float in isolation above the floor below him, unable to see anything, unable to hear a sound beyond his own pulse and unable to touch anything other then the bench he was so firmly bound to.

He had no idea of time, no reference point to focus on outside of his own trussed body. His stretched mouth oozed saliva into the nylon layers until enough was pooled in the sodden fabric to drip down to the floor; though he couldn’t hear or see it he knew it must be happening... was each drop a minute, an hour? He couldn’t know or guess. Was the ice melting? How much was gone already? He tried an exploratory tug of his right wrist, but there was no movement at all – still stuck fast in his predicament. Why was he still so aroused and so pumped full of emotions? A normal session, much shorter than this, always began with passion but after a few minutes would settle into a comfortable semi-aroused state where he could relax into his bonds and allow his mind to drift. Not this time, each and every sense or sensation he felt was focused on the exoticness of his position.

He felt the saliva in his mouth suddenly increase to a drool and lifted his head to attempt to swallow some of it, forgetting the cord attached to his collar. The suddenness of the unexpected tugging around his cock and balls caused him to gasp out loud, showering (could he have seen it) the carpet with a spray of saliva from his gagged mouth. His body momentarily gained control over his mind and urged the head to keep up the tugging in a frantic attempt to make him cum – tug, tug, twitch, tug, twitch… onwards his body drove each movement becoming more and more desperate as the stimulation reached a plateau fractionally to low to bring about a climax. He found he couldn’t regain control, maybe he didn’t want to, and fell back into the instinct driven process his body was pursuing – only when it was suffering from tiredness and discomfort did his body eventually surrender, frustrated and beaten, control back to his mind.

Unbelievable! – That was his first thought rational thought as his senses returned back to something way in excess of normal, but at least not so far over the edge. He had never, ever, felt something like that… and he hadn’t even ejaculated!

He was physically exhausted by the efforts of his body, but couldn’t seem to come down from the sexual high he was achieving. If he where alone in bed he knew he would have masturbated, maybe many times, but would now be sound asleep – but now he was more alert and excited than ever. He realised that his cock must have been erect for… how long, maybe hours? He had no idea, but it must have been way longer than ever before.

With his mind so full of sexual energy he began to fantasise once more, moving from one extreme fetish fantasy to another, each one richer and more real than any he had ever created in his mind before. It seemed that every sensation he felt or imagined immediately and seamlessly fed his current fantasy, he was able to effortlessly bring into play everything he had ever seen or read about into a dazzling and endless flow of sensual and erotic imagery.

A draft of cooler air, wafting from some corner of the room spilled across his back and caused a surge of delighted fear to centre on his stuffed ass. He was discovered! His wife had returned unannounced and found him bound like this. She would be excited and aroused – unable to believe her serious and sensible husband was capable of such daring and exciting perversity. She would turn from submissive to dominant and use all her cunning to tease him beyond endurance, doing all those things his fantasies imagined.

He imagined trying to thrust his ass towards her wanting her to tease him, and discovered he could move the butt plug just enough to gain some unexpected stimulation. He tried again, harder this time, and sure enough it moved a cm or two. Suddenly it was moving outwards and then gone! The shock of it left him stunned and then puzzled – he had forced it out too far and it had slid from his ass, but how? The catsuit and pantyhose would have held it in, and the plug was so large that he normally struggled to extract it – it didn’t make sense.

As these thoughts flashed across his consciousness they where suddenly eclipsed by another event, so unexpected that he momentarily thought his heart had stopped. A new object was slowly and steadily pushing into his ass. Initially he thought the butt plug was returning from its brief escape, but this felt different and altogether alien to his experience.

The girth was wider and his sphincter muscles complained as the intruder nudged gently but firmly at them demanding access. He perceived a blunt tip probing around his most intimate opening, the coolness of a fluid hinting at some form of lubrication. He was suddenly more aroused than he could ever recall, but also alarmed at what may be happening to him. He tried to shout through his gagged mouth seeking to know who or what was there. His voice was hopelessly mutated by the ring holding his mouth wide, but even as he drew breath to try again something else changed. He felt a slight touch against the nylon covering his mouth and then an object suddenly touched the roof of his mouth. It was warm and slightly soft, he sensed it was squeezing through the ring of his gag and then expanding slightly as it entered deeper into his mouth. He was shocked and yet so terribly, incredibly aroused. What was happening?

There where no other feeling but the twin intruders – nothing had touched the skin of his body, no feeling of pressure of warmth was to be felt around his face or ass and yet these two ‘things’ where slowly, steadily working their way inside his helpless body. The intruder in his mouth moved gently forwards again, more of its form touching his tongue. He tried to feel what it was flicking his tongue over a firm but fleshy body and slightly domed head– with a start his tongue touched a small opening at the very tip of the head and he knew instantly what it was…. A cock! In his mouth!

Before he could even react to his discovery the cock moved forwards again, slowly but unstoppably it slid forwards using his own saliva as a easing agent for its progress. His un-thought and instinctive yelp was utterly muffled by the fleshy cock now filling the front of his mouth. At the same instant the object touching his ass also moved forwards, his sphincter having given up its fight to prevent entry.

He tensed as the object began its own, steady but unstoppable, progress into his ass – the lube easing its gentle progress deeper and deeper. He now knew what the second object must be – another cock! He should have been scared, he should have been disgusted… he should have been anything but what he really was – excited, aroused and desperate for more!

His body, already so swamped with sexual stimulation, was demanding the new stimulus, his mind similarly awash with eroticism and fantasy was also making the decision that whatever this was, it was good and needed to be continued. Almost without a thought his tongue returned to the intruder in his mouth and no longer sought to discover but instead, demanded to touch, caress and stimulate. His ass no longer resisted and tried to expel, but welcomed and swallowed greedily.

The twin cocks continued their progress until, seemingly in unison, they halted, and began to withdraw. He was frustrated by this turn of events and desperately tried to hold them both within him, grasping with his ass and tongue to prevent their retreat, somehow trying to convey that he no longer feared them, but welcomed them and wished them to return and progress.

Incredibly it appeared that the message was understood and both cocks reversed their extraction and pushed back inwards again. This time he was better prepared for them and let his body relax to their demands.
Each cock slide gently back to its original position and halted, as he worked out how to best derive his pleasure from them, trying to find a way to achieve some level of sexual pleasure he had never experienced before. He started to try and move his ass backwards and forwards in an attempt to gain some stimulation, knowing it was so wrong but also knowing it would be so right for him at this instant in time. He was frustrated that his bondage was too good to give him anything like the movement he craved, but incredibly the cock seemed to understand this and began to move of its own accord, gently back a few cm and then forwards again. He was astonished by the sensations and his mind exploded with never before imagined sensations. The ebb and flow of the cock in his ass had settled into a slow rhythm and his body quickly moved to match it, anticipating the firm strokes and relaxing to let them stimulate him in a way he could never have imagined possible.

Almost forgotten the cock in his mouth moved to mirror its twin and soon both where sliding easily backwards and forwards in their warm moist chambers. He was lost in a daze of sensations, giddy with the endomorphic overload of his senses, it took him moment to realise that although both cocks had a steady in/out rhythm they where running to a slightly different beat, which was producing one of the most unexpectedly erotic events he could ever have imagined.

Initially both had been in unison as they pushed in then pulled back, but that shifted so that the one in his mouth was slightly later forward and subsequently backwards. After a period of apparent discord both cocks then settled into a second cycle where as one pushed inwards the other withdrew, then they drifted apart again before recombining once more to a synchronised thrust in then out.

He marvelled at how these simple changes affected his sexual fantasy – when both penetrated him together he felt so physically full of sexual intent that he was fit to burst, but when one moved deeper as the other withdrew he imagined a single fleshy rod passing through his entire body, like depraved sexual skewer pulsing backwards and forwards.
So lost in the wanton lust of his experience it was only once was he attentive enough to realise that although the cocks where indeed relentless and unstoppable in their movement there was no apparent mass behind them, no body or physical thing appeared to be driving them backwards and forwards, there appeared to be no biomass of life other than the cocks themselves.

It seemed that a lifetime had floated by as his body consumed and then partial released the cocks, cycle after cycle of pleasurable sensations rolling through his bound and encased frame. He began to fantasise again, bringing deeper, more perverse imaginings to the fore, and once again the cocks seemed to understand and respond to the change in his needs.

The cock in his ass was first to respond, the change was subtle at first but became more and more extreme as time progresses. Initially the cock slowed it stroke, but the stroke deepened, causing it to penetrate further into his body with each steady plunge. Deeper and deeper it went, only a few mm at a time, but always deeper, always relentless as it searched his body’s furthest zones. It passed the depth he had once managed with a long dildo and still it burrowed further, each long slow stroke sending incredibly intense waves of pleasure through his lower body – his own cock seemed to be twitching in time with the intruders beat as it massaged his prostate.

The cock in his mouth also changed, but in another manner; this one began to also push deeper but not as a stroke, instead it expanded in girth and grew longer at the same time. The body of the cock filled his mouth seeming to force itself outwards until his saliva was squeezed out and his tongue flattened to the floor of his mouth. Then the tip moved forward, slowly, so very slowly, edging towards his throat. As it finally touched, his gag reflex cut in and it instantly withdrew, but then it began its attempt once again. Each time he found he could take it a little further before a spasm caused it to shrink back again, each time it paused and then slowly crept forwards once more.

He so desperately wanted to be able to swallow this wonderful fleshly thing, to welcome it down inside him, fantasising of the two cocks somehow joining together in his stomach. The slow attempts to penetrate his throat became more deliberate as his ability to take the cock improved, then with a suddenness that literally took his breath away it was in, slipping easily into his throat and beyond the barrier of his reflexes. He gulped it down, throwing himself utterly into the desires of consuming and being consumed. The cock filled his throat blocking his ability to breathe, but he didn’t care, he was lost to lust crazed demands of his body. Only when he had been so deeply gagged for 30 seconds did the cock withdraw itself far enough for him to drag great lung-full’s of life giving air through his nose, but once refreshed the cock returned and he greedily accepted it. Each time it stayed in that little longer, sensing he was capable of lasting seconds more without air and each time he wanted to stay longer, he needed it to stay longer, just as he needed the cock in his ass to continue its journey deeper and deeper.

Now the two pleasure giving entities dived, deep inside him and settled into a new rhythm of cycled filling and semi-withdrawal. Once again he became lost to their slightly un-synchronised timing and his passions flared to new heights. He was no longer a man, dressed in pantyhose and tied to a bench, he was a sex toy on a test bed, and his only reason to exist was to be a guinea pig for the most depraved of fantasies. Time had no meaning anymore, nor was he thinking about his freedom, his only thoughts where of sex, lust, fantasy and desire.
He was light headed, the combination of his aroused state and the control of his ability to breathe making his mind spin and flash between fantasies, each one exotic than the previous. Then, from no-where one fantasy suddenly stood out and was so strong that he felt the very core of his body tremble at the idea.

Once again it was as if the cocks could understand his very thoughts and they responded to his new desire.

It was the one in his ass that began the change; for the first time since it had initially penetrated him it withdrew fully. Then it returned with a slow, smooth, long stroke, slipping effortlessly inside him and penetrated to its deepest. The cock then withdrew and plunged inside again, and again and again. Each stroke was an ecstasy of feeling, as it ran on, like an well oiled machine, his own cock began to pulse and throb in synchronicity until each seemed to not separate but the same – it was his own cock that thrust in ad out of his ass, not some alien appendage.

He began to feel the rippling tightness around the length of his rigid member as his ass was pumped, the lube easing the penetration like a warm knife passing through butter. The intruder in his ass responded to his own cocks increasing arousal by expanding, becoming tighter and more stimulating but no less pleasurable, now the cock in his throat began to mimic his own as well. It began to throb and pulsate, as his own was throbbing and began to build towards a desperate climax. He was being fucked by his own cock, in his ass and his mouth and he loved it.

The cycle of strokes in and out of his ass changed, the cock becoming faster in response to his own urgency for orgasm. The cock in his mouth surged forwards once more and was swallowed deeply into his throat. It filled his airway with a pulsing mass of flesh, twitching and expanding as the long withheld climax began to build. Now he only wanted to cum, all thoughts of denial forgotten, he needed the feel of his own ejaculation to take him beyond simple eroticism and onto a whole new level of pleasure.

He could feel himself teetering on the edge of climax, the cock in his has was madly violating him with its length whilst at the same time it was expanding and filling him completely. The cock in his throat was trembling violently as he fought to bring himself to orgasm, lights flashed across his blinded eyes as the oxygen left his lungs and blood. And still he couldn’t cum.

In a last great effort he raised his head in a final effort to swallow the cock down to join its twin deep inside his body; the cord around his bound cock and balls twitched tight and tugged them forwards, he uselessly cried out for air, making no sound in his cock gagged throat, his anal muscles spasmed as the cock in his ass grew even greater, he twitched his head again shaking it in wanton lust….

And then it came.

Wave after wave of climactic orgasm washed over him. All three cocks seemed to explode their juices in the same instant. His ass seemed to become filled with a never ending spurting stream of warm fluid, his throat was awash with cum and his encased cock felt like it had emptied his entire body into the condom, and still he came. Again and again he repeated the orgasm, again and again the sensations in throat and ass mirrored his own ejaculation. With the imminent risk of him passing out the cock in his throat withdrew slightly, but still filled his mouth as it continued to spurt its salty cum over his trapped tongue until there was so much he was forced to swallow it down.

Finally, after what seemed to have been hours, his orgasm shuddered to an exhausted stop. His head flopped forwards and his whole body sagged back down into its bondage. He was spent, mentally and physically – he managed a feeble movement of his wrist, only to confirm they where still securely fastened to the bench legs. No longer fuelled by the madness of his earlier passion he slipped into a zone where his mind was blank and his senses numb.

With a sudden start he awoke from an unexpected sleep; in panic he tried to understand what was happening until slowly he recalled his predicament. He was still tied down to the bench in the workshop, encased from head to toe in nylon, gagged and blindfolded. Shocked, he realised he had achieved something he had never done before, falling asleep in his bondage – incredible, even more so given the position he was tied in. His returned consciousness brought with it memories of the events leading up to this moment, but something had changed; though still gagged there was no cock in his mouth, just the ring and its leather strap. He could still feel something in his ass, but it was the familiar sensation of the butt plug, not the pulsing cock he recalled being there.

Automatically he raised his hands and realised they where free at last from their tether points. Desperate to understand what was happening he struggled to remove the tape blinding his eyes, cursing the nylon over his fingers and the clumsiness it caused.

Finally he pulled the last layer from his eyes, blinking in the harsh light of the fluorescent strip above his head even through the filter of four layers of pantyhose still covering his head. He was alone in the workshop, with no indication of the experiences that had assaulted his body earlier. The video blinked its red light at him, indicating the memory was expired, though he had no idea how much time had passed since he began his adventure. His fingers sought his face and instead of the expected hole in the nylon covering his gapping gagged mouth they met the elastic resistance of the nylon that had been there when he had started on his self bondage odyssey. The only indication of anything sexual happening was the cum filled condom still covering his flaccid cock.

Urgently trying to make sense of what he was experiencing, he struggled out of his remaining bondage, reversing the process that had so effectively rendered him utterly helpless. Able to stand, unsteadily, upright at last he pulled the pantyhose from his head and arms and groped around his ass. Like his mouth the nylon there was whole and un-damaged – how could this be? The cocks had stroked in and out of his two orifices but couldn’t have passed through the nylon barrier without rending it open. Furthermore he was keenly aware of the butt plug leaving his ass, but it was still firmly inserted in place – he tried to pull it out but, as it always did, the thin neck and bulging middle held it fast inside.

Confused and still shaky on his legs he left the windowless room and entered the main house, early morning light streamed through the curtained windows and with a shock he saw the clock showing a time of 07:20 – but that was impossible! He knew he had started the session just after 10pm the previous day…. He panicked and checked it was Saturday, sagging with relief when the date confirmed he hadn’t lost track of even more time. His pantyhose and catsuit clung to his body, soaked in the sweat from his session, so he quickly made his way to the bathroom, removing his heels, butt plug and filled condom along with the sodden clothing and stepped into the shower to wash his sweaty body clean.

30mins later, still in a dazed and confused state about the events of the night and clad only in the bathrobe, he sat nursing a cup of coffee at the kitchen table. What the hell had happened? He could not rationalise the events in his mind, thought the very remembering of them caused to him to become instantly erect once again. He picked up the coffee cup to take another sip and noticed he had created a ring of coffee stain on a piece of paper left on the table top. Curious he picked it up and recognised the instructions for the hair removal cream. The ring had perfectly circled the small print at the very end of the text; a single word leapt out at him and dragged his full attention back to the text.

He read it once, then again and finally a third time – he read the whole document from top to bottom, incredulous at what it was stating.

Warning – avoid use of this product just before or just after physical exercise
Side effects - the following side effects have been reported, but not corroborated, with the use of this product:
Hallucinations, mild dizziness, enhanced euphoric state, genital sensitivity, drowsiness – do not operate heavy machinery or undertake physical activities within 2-4hrs after use if these symptoms exist.

1hr later he had returned from the supermarket with 20 more tubes of the cream and had already reported in sick for the following week... it was going to be a long 6 months!


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