Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
Like Ra's Naughty Playground

Completed selfbondage sessions

self-bondage selfbondage bondage bdsm technique real sessions

Now some real things. To give you some inspiration I put some pictures of myself (taken by myself) with descriptions.

The difference between sessions with the ""no timer"" and sessions with "time-release" is that during the latter sessions I was using one of the ice-based time release methods. So I was not able to unbind myself until the ice allows me to. During the "no timer" sessions I had either a relatively free access to a knife or was able to get free with some or considerable efforts at any time. The strictness of the sessions do not depend on the timer.

The "photo" sessions do not contain any real bondage, so you can think of them as of "ideas".

Photo sessions
Session 61. Part I. Playing in the shower with pantyhose, swimsuits and lycra single-glove

Selfbondage with no timer
Session 34 Latex bagSession 35 Semi-spread-eagleSession 62 (not strict but very intense) Latex encasement. Stay bound or suffer
At the inlawsDangerous Kid's Self-bondageSession 70 Mummification deep throat

Selfbondage with a time-release
Session 19 Pewter latex leotard and pantyhoseSession 37 Horizontal in-line. Latex encasement. Session 46 Spread eagle latex encasement
Session 57 Neoprene swimsuit and shiny pantyhose. Two pointsSession 59 Latex mummification. Stay bound or sufferTight hogtie Session 66
Session 68 Neoprene swimsuit, ginger root and cb6000Quick selfbondage session in the showerSession 74 Anal hook and karada hogtie

Single-gloves, men vs women, problems and solutions. Part I

Anne's corner
Suspension selfbondageLatex bolero armbinder/single-gloveRope ratchet and knot release (video)
Quick test with new rope ratchetPlaying in my home made vacbed (video)Self mummification + warning
Selfbondage frogtie (video)Hogtied in latex (video)Bridesmaid selfbondage with ice lock (video)
Shiny clothingAnimated GIFsSession in gold and pink
Spread eagleKiddie poolQuick simple hogtie
Frogtied, spread, dressed in my new Swimsuit: escape attemptShort session short clipSpiderman
Backlog previewThe LibrarianFluo

Dan2010's corner
Introduction and my session 00 Session 01Session 02: an improved version of previous session
Session 03: testing a new ideaSession 04: improved version of previous sessionSession 05: a not very successful squassation
Session 06: simple but very effective (video))Session 07: making good use of the old couch (video)Session 08: Return from hiatus

DressBindFun's corner
Hogtied in the woods, with a blowjob trainer for a release (video)Quiet time, reflecting on life and waiting for ice to meltFinally, force walking release sessions videos
Stair Climb Release Test SessionsClimbing the hill in stilettosStilettos required for Release
Outdoor session in High heels, video and lots of problemsFetish TimeYankee Hogtie

Ltxrob's corner
An unexpected business opportunityLatex bed tieA free day...
Solo vacbedHotel sleepsack and Lycra relaxationZentai self bondage
Take a seat!!

MadJack's corner
SB03-2SB04Hotel Self-Bondage
SB05 2007 Vacuum bag self-bondageSB02 2008 Hotel Self-Bondage -2 SB04 2008 Pantyhose encasement selfbondage
SB04 2008 Pantyhose encasement selfbondage - videoSB01 2009 Office self-bondageSB02 2009 Vacuum bag self-bondage
SB03 2009 Ball-tie semisuspensionSB04 2009 Simple is bestSB01 2010 Encased Plastic bag vacuum self-bondage
SB03 2010 Legs spread and face downSB04 2010 Quick Kneeling TieSB05 2010 A night of unexpected SB (part 1) - The Vacuum Chair revisited
SB06 2010 A night of unexpected SB (part 2) - More vacuum fun (and agony)SB07 2010 A night of unexpected SB (part 3) - Desperate times!SB01 2011 Self-bondage seated enema
SB02 2011 Tied to the bed, legs spread and vibratedSB03 2011 Office chair tied and vibrated (...not!)SB04 2011 A different bed-tie
SB05 2011 The Vac bag revisitedSB06 2011 A different Chair tieSB07 2011 Back in the bag!
SB01 2012 New nylon bodysuits and an impromptu sessionSB02 2012 Frustration is mountingSB03 2012 Back in the bag
SB04 2012 Bagged on the bedSB05 2012 Legs spread and suspended on the bedSB01 2013 Unexpected opportunity for vacuum bag fun
SB02 2013 Crouching in the vacuum bagSB03 2013 Enema excitementSB04 2013 Bed bound and teased
SB05 2013 Nostalgia, an old session re-visitedSB06 2013 Zentai hogtieSB07 2013 Zentai chair-tied and vibrated
SB08 2013 Vacuum sealed onto a chairSB09 2013 Ultimate pantyhose encasement SB10 2013 Vacuum bag on the bed, not quite as planned
SB11 2013 Forced to orgasmSB01 2014 Dressing for pleasureSB02 2014 Balance or suffer
SB03 2014 Chained to the bedSB04 2014 Re-enacting Inspiring Images (part one)SB05 2014 Re-enacting Inspiring Images (part two)
SB06 2014 The grand finaleSB07 2014 Test run of my chair tie fantasySB01 2015 Home alone session 1: On the bed
SB02 2015 Home alone session 2: Just hanging aroundSB03 2015 Home alone session 3: Quick hogtieSB04 2015 Home alone session 4: A night to remember
SB05 2015 Home alone session 5: A new day and looking for releaseSB06 2015 Home alone session 6: Mouthful of dildo or sufferSB07 2015 Home alone session 7: Bound to a post and pleasured
SB08 2015 Home alone session 8: Bound enema, a cautionary taleSB09 2015 Home alone session 9: More hanging aroundSB10 2015 Quick encasement self-bondage session
SB01 2016 A quick sessionSB02 2016 Stuck in stockingsSB03 2016 Recreating a chair tie #1
SB04 2016 Recreating a chair tie #2SB05 2016 Recreating a \‘Bound men in feminine clothes\’ artworkSB06 2016 Recreating a full body karada style scenario
SB07 2016 Recreating a tethered to the bed scenarioSB08 2016 Finally, a real self-bondage sessionSB01 2017 Testing some ideas and my new Bondage hood
SB02 2017 Office chair tie and vibrator tormentSB03 2017 Hogtied on the bedSB04 2017 An unexpected adventure
SB05 2017 Self-bondage… how not toSB06 2017 Kneeling for pleasureSB01 2018 Home Alone (part 1) Turning fantasy into reality
SB02 2018 Home Alone (part 2) Turning another fantasy into realitySB03 2018 Home Alone (part 3) Playing with my new breastsSB04 2018 Home Alone (part 4) time for corset action
SB05 2018 Home Alone (part 5) A different kind of pole tieSB06 2018 Home Alone (part 6) now for some proper self-bondageSB01 2019 A Feast of Lycra
SB02 2019 The Wig of Orange on a throne of woodSB03 2019 A tale of ice, chains and rope

Various Contributed self-bondage
Bodysuit - Gladwrap and timerBlueboyia - Tied to the doorBlueboyia - Ball tie with a minor freak out
Bonded - First session with ice-pantyhose delayBoundsolo - St Andrews cross with multiple OrgasmBoundWolf - Spreadeagle on the bed
CJtime - My Wife Had The Last WordCupped - The gate clicks closedCurse154 - Self-bondage in public toilet - almost got stuck in monoglove
Dolin - First of hopefully many sessionsDolin - Captive in the bathroom - part 1Doubleflash - Enema and electromagnets
Dual Self-BondageFarao - Horizontal spread eagleFarao - Verical spread eagle
Interocetor - Swimsuit experience - belts and superglueJasapasa - Ponyboy walking in the forestJasapasa - My best outdoor selfbondage scenario. (so far)
Jamesnorth26 - My first completed sessionJamesnorth26 - 2nd completed session - pantyhose ripJohnGerners - Winter - a great season for outdoor sb fun
Jonnysimple - Plastic prison, find the key to escape...Joyl27 - Pantyhose self-bondage sessionJoyl27 - Really tight hood experience (duct tape adventures)
jtr765 - BusinesstripHerrpee - Testruns ab-boardHerrpee - Sergeant punishment
Herrpee - Forced ab workoutHerrpee - Kitchen safe and e-stimKinky Jinkies Self-Bondage Tale 01
Kneeforu - My latest session...Krinlyc - Zentai & Segufix Selfbondage SessionLethal self-bondage session in a travel bag
Lugnuts - Sitting at a tableMaid_Heather - Candle LightMax515 - Forced standing on high heels
Max515 - Self-bondage in a shiny hooded leotardMarcus - Self-bondage Solo in a Straight JacketMrs. Blacksmith - overnight self-bondage
Phydras - Hooded bondageScales - First real sessionSlaafRuben - Locked on stool
Steve6322 - Hands free self-bondageSteve6322 - Tight spread-eagle selfbondage with electromagnetic time-lockSteve6322 - Stocks with electromagnet release
Steve6322 - Vertical spread eagleSteve6322 - Vertical stretchStrap0nme - Vacbed with x10 program with venus 2000
Strappado - kKrada self bondage improvisationStrappado - Very real elbow bondageSusanr - water lock self-bondage session in the shower
Susanr - outdoor sessionSusanr - Karada and some bathtub funSystemIsDownz10 - My first real selfbondage session
Tightbound - Selfbondage with Venus 2000TightSlip - Pantyhose encasement and leather web self-bondageTinker D - DIY Self bondage frame and some fun testing it
Trannies in Trouble Self-Bondage sessionTTBM - Session with anal hookTTBM - self-bondage ball-tie session with anal hook
TTD - Underwater self-bondageVacbedbound - Vacuum bed self-bondage with Venus pumpVacuum_experiments - Back in vacuum bondage
Vanessa Fetish - Standing Spread EagleVanessa Fetish - Tied to FloorWhiteAngel - Vacuum self-bondage, "blister pack" style
WhiteAngel - Dog at Haidresser inspired selfbondageWhite Spy - DIY Self-bondage frame and some fun testing itChair self-bondage (found on Reddit)

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