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“Self-bondage princess” manga by Sumomo-dou

selfbondage-princess-00The full title is “Jibaku-hime + Osorubeshi Kikai no Pantsu” or “[すもも堂] 『自縛姫』『恐るべし機械のパンツ』 [英訳]”

The idea to use a hardening substance for self-bondage appeared in the forum in this thread: Turn water into a gel/solid…. But no release method was found, except a safety person, just like in this manga.

Also I was thinking about the enema pants/plugs/system used here. I wonder if it’s possible to DIY it.

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Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 45. Anal play and toilet etiquette

Nana to Kaoru v06 c46 - 016-017See all chapters and related articles here or see all bondage and self-bondage stories.

Another point. I use anal play for pleasure only. I like the feeling of having something “significant” yet flexible up my ass preferably moving or vibrating. Or streaming (I mean water, not Internet radio :). )See also Prostate orgasm forum thread).

But the author of the manga or author of the text the manga quotes (Mr. Freud?) does have a point I touched in Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 22. Mud-walking and bodily fluids. Just compare what I wrote there and what the manga says:

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Bondage art by Ah-Gu. Part IV. Deviant medicine for normal frustrations

See Part I, Part II, Part III.

Well, being normal and non-deviant (see Paraphilias, sexual fetishes, normality, deviations and men vs women), considering only vanilla heterosexual non-perversive thoughts, work and train regularly does not always bring the expected results.

Let’s see. 15 minutes cumulatively spent with a girl (at work and in a big company) virtually drove me mad (see Office, pantyhose, high heels. Part I. Obsession) and paralysed my socially useful activity for days. It took me more than a week to recover and recollect myself (I haven’t seen any new photos or spoken with her yet, so, who knows …).

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Inflatable enema nozzles, Bardex, C. R. Bard, Inc and generic names

A week ago I received the following mail:

Our firm represents C , R. Bard, Inc. of Murray Hill, New Jersey, owner of the federally registered trademark BARDEX. The BARDEX trademark has been registered in the United States since 1951 in connection with various medical products, specifically urological catheters (US. Trademark Registration No. 543,922).

We learned of the improper and unauthorized use of our clients’ mark in connection with your website, In particular, improper references to the BARDEX mark appear at the following URLs:


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Selfbondage, pantyhose encasement or MadJack Home alone

Updated on Apr 05, 2011 @ 01:08:

Added a new selfbondage session:

MJ-SB03/2011 – Home alone: Office chair tied and vibrated (…not!)

Published on Mar 25, 2011 @ 01:43:
What happens if you leave MadJack at home and completely alone for a couple of days (I would sleep the first 24 hours and sit in front of the monitors the second – probably getting old…)?

Considering he’s got access to a pile of pantyhose, leotards, swimsuits, ropes, enemas, etc?

See his latest self-bondage adventures and related threads:

Fetish and bondage art by Masakazu Shimizu. Part V

See more art by Masakazu Shimizu.

As you may have noticed, I’m a bit overloaded again. I’m still around but very close to what’s called “burnout syndrome” (“a psychological term for the experience of long-term exhaustion and diminished interest”).

So, “to fill the awkward pause” I’m posting Masakazu Shimizu’s drawings of Miyuki. I do not know what manga or anime she comes from, but my “acquaintance” with Shimizu-san began with Miyuki.

14 pictures below.

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Fetish and bondage art by Masakazu Shimizu. Part IV. Asuka Langley

Asuka Langley in rubber body cocoon bondageI changed the title several times. It was “tubes by Masakazu Shimizu“, “nose hooks by Masakazu Shimizu”, “single-gloves by Masakazu Shimizu”, or latex encasement, swimsuit bondage… But since his art usually incorporate lots of various subjects, I decided to post just another bunch of my favourite images from his “Asuka Langley” series.

See the related articles:

14 pictures below
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Self-bondage art. Part XII

self-bondage art enemaSee previous parts here.

Here’s a question. If you see a bound person… No, let me rephrase… If you see a bondage picture, can you guess if it’s self-bondage or not? Of course, sometimes there are signs like ice timers, prepared cinch noses, the special ring device.

Sometimes the title advises, that the pictured person (or group of persons) is selfbound. Sometimes it’s quite clear from the sequence of events (if there is a set of images).

No, let me rephrase… If you see a bondage picture, how often do you imagine yourself on the place of the bound person? And how often do you think if you could bind yourself this way?

Always in my case ;-P

12 drawings below.
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The parcel has arrived. Unpacking …

new latex orderSee the beginning of the story here.

And the order has finally arrived! It took a bit more than expected 2 months (see here), but it does not matter anymore. It’s already too late for that trip.

Anyway… Let’s unpack the box! See the photos below …

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Self-bondage-session-67 thoughts, bondage gremlins or Mr. Bean for a week

MadJack said I had bondage gremlins. I think I swapped with Mr. Bean for a week. This is just one self-bondage related episode (and I had days full of unrelated).

… I did it! …
… That feels great! …
… That’s tight! I can barely move. I wonder if I will be able to get to the knife when (if) the ice releases it …
… Ah, who cares, while it feels sooooo great! The hotel maids will unbind me anyway…
… Japanese style of binding hands allows to sleep …
… Zzz …
… What’s that? Cramps! Already? …
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