Bianca Beauchamp swimming in a transparent latex catsuit. Part III

See Part I and Part II.

In this set there are two things I always wanted, but never tried: swimming while fully enclosed in latex and total enclosure in transparent latex.

I’ve swum in a (quite cold, BTW) river while encased in pantyhose (zentai style, no bare skin that is) and a swimsuit, but latex is different. It’s got high thermal conductivity, so you should feel the temperature of the water like if you’re swimming naked, but with no water touching your body directly.

Probably, it’s just my imagination, but I would like to try it in a warm pool. For example, with Bianca 😉

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  1. What is real? Expectations issue again? 😉 Different people expect different content. I have my preferences as well. And I have to pay for the site as well. And I have other things to do.

    BTW, this post was also a good performance tester. 35000 page views a day, 2600 unique users and no performance issues (except ar 12GMT as always). So I think I made a good job here, also in advertising to attract all these people.

    And what did you do?

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