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Thanks to Anne, CJtime, Cupped, Dan2010, Krinlyc, MadJack (especially MadJack), Mrs. Blacksmith, Strappado and Susanr the Completed Self-bondage Sessions collection has been updated!

I see many questions, requests and pleas for scenarios here on this website and on dozens forums on the Internet. If you are short of ideas you have an opportunity to read what others do, how they play and what they use to spice it up. Do not forget to leave your feedback and comments!

Have you completed a selfbondage session? Describe it in the Completed sessions forum! Have ideas, dreams or fiction stories? Upload them in the Session ideas, requests and fiction.

4 thoughts on “True self-bondage stories, techniques, scenarios and tutorials”

  1. Hey Ra

    So nice to get a mention – does my ego the power of good 😉

    I’ve just totalled up my forum postings for 2010 and surprised myself with the results:

    – nearly 25 thousand words
    – over 110 thousand characters
    – over 1800 lines
    – 400+ paragraphs

    No wonder it’s hard to relate my sessions to readers, my fingers and keyboard must be almost worn out!

    Seriously though, I personally find the retelling of my sessions a very positive experience and I enjoy the feedback, when it’s given – just as I enjoy reading about the experiences of others (good or bad, it all helps).

    So a ‘thank you’ to all who’ve contributed to this site, be they avid writers or silent readers.

    But the biggest thanks must go to you for keeping the site open and helping us all share our lives, loves and desires.

    Thank you Ra – you’re our inspiration!!


  2. Madjack ” wrote:

    Seriously though, I personally find the retelling of my sessions

    It’s even more interesting to reread your stories years later. When I was a kid (~8-9yo) I once wrote my self-bondage stories and fetish desires down on paper and glued inside the cover of my notepad. Years later (16-17yo?) I found this notepad and reread my notes with great excitement.

    I wish I still had this notepad. Probably it was thrown away by my parents…

    Then I used mail account to send my self-bondage adventures. Pity it disappeared about 11 years ago, so I lost them.

    Madjack ” wrote:

    you’re our inspiration!!

    :blush: Thanks! :blush: (mental note – when was the last time I published my self-bondage story?) :blush:

  3. I’ve been caught a few times, actually, I usually hope to get caught. The most public (&awkward) was about 20 yrs ago:

    I was hiking on a remote trail near San Bernardino, Calif & decided to tie my hands behind my back, hobble my ankles & blindfold myself…after tying 1 end of a 12 ft rope around my balls (using a slipknot) & the other end to a fallen tree branch I found (which was about 6ft long & as thick as my arm)

    Then I set out on my hike, with the rope going between my legs & dragging the log behind me. I could still see a tiny bit out from under the blindfold, but you could not tell by looking at me, especially from a distance.

    But, the log was 6 ft & the trail narrowed to about 3 or 4 ft in many places, so it kept getting snagged on the brush, rocks…everything, it seemed like; each time giving my balls a hard yank back through my legs & stopping me mid-step. It was very slow going.

    About 20 minutes into my hike, just as the log grabbed hold of a bush, I heard a guy say “What the fuck?” & a female voice say ” Oh my God”. Not loudly, just kinda a loud whisper. I stopped dead in my tracks, thinking, “Oh fuck! What are they going to do/say? My heart started pounding like crazy & my breaths got real short as I listened for any other comments, but I pretended not to hear them & just kept carefully stumbling along, dragging my log behind me.

    A couple minutes later I could hear their footsteps approaching & the guy said “Uh, dude, what the hell, man?”. I could not pretend any more, so I acted startled, said “Oh fuck!” & started to back away from them nervously, my feet feeling for safe footing.

    He said “Hey, it’s ok, we’re not going to hurt you, but what the hell are you doing?”
    I pretended to take a few moments, thinking, then asked if they could see a woman anywhere nearby, & described my ex. They said “No, why?”. That’s when I used my shoulder to rub the blindfold up & off of my eyes. After my eyes got used to the sun, I looked around, as if searching for her, then looked at them. (they were mid 20s, both pretty good looking) & ‘explained’ to them that I had come out there with my new girlfriend (of a few weeks) & she liked to get a little kinky, so had tied me up like that & told me to find my way back to our campsite & not to try untying anything because she had something special in mind for me back at camp and that she would be watching me.

    They both said stuff like “Well, where’s your camp?” & “She left you out here? man, that’s messed up!”. Then the girl asked if I could get myself free & I acted like I couldn’t. Then the guy asked if I wanted some help getting loose. Again, I acted like I was looking for my girlfriend for a minute & asked if they had seen anybody at all in the area. They had not. So, I thought for a second & then told them “ummm, hmm..Ya know, I have a feeling that she’s still around here somewhere, watching. Would it be ok if you just pushed the blindfold back down & not tell anyone about me?” (with a bit of a grin) & if they saw her, to tell her to be careful because they had seen a naked guy walking around & point in my general direction?

    They looked at each other, laughed a little, & said “Uh, yeah, sure, I guess. Are you sure that’s what you want?”.

    I looked around a little, smiled & told them “Yeah, I think I’ll be ok.”

    They laughed again and said “Alright dude, good luck and be careful. You better keep the
    blindfold so you can see at least a little, though. We were watching you for a while before saying anything and you did not even know it, even though we were only 20 feet away.” Then he slid the blindfold back down, leaving it up a bit on the right side, slapped me on the back & said “Have fun.”

    Then they headed off down the trail. I could hear them laughing for quite a while, as I stumbled along behind them but it got fainter as they got further away. I did not see anyone else around, so I just went ahead and acted like I would act if I had really been in the situation I had described.

    To be honest, I was scared shitless while I was talking to them that they were going to get on the cell phone & call the Ranger or Sheriff. But, after they left, while I was stumbling along, I kept replaying it in my head, picturing them watching me drag that log by my balls, and for the next couple hundred yards, I had the hardest boner I had had in a long time!

    I might be a bit crazy, but I’m not stupid, I did not stick around for long. Once I felt they were far enough away, I got to my car, tossed the log into the back seat (still attached to my balls, & got the hell out of there! I drove home naked, but with a great adrenalin rush & a huge erection!

    I waited till I got on the freeway to shoot my load, though. I’ve been caught a couple other times, too, but that was the scariest & most awkward.

  4. That’s rather a rough scenario. I do not want to think what might have happened (to you balls) if you had stumbled upon something and/or fell somewhere.


    But fortunately it ended up successfully 😉

    But naked… Not my taste. I would something fetishy ;P

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