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Some of you may wonder why there are no new blog posts since … hmmm.. a months ago. A short answer is: “No time, no energy, no inspiration”.

A long answer is a bit longer 😉

  • Last month I was overloaded with my work, then trainings and last but not least: some family obligations. All these activities left almost no time for anything else (see the short answer)
  • When I have no inspiration I switch to other boring, tedious, but absolutely necessary tasks like system administration, redesigning and restructuring. For example, the tasks below.
  • System, software and forum upgrade
  • Forum restructuring
  • Added sub-forums for shops reviews (a long awaited feature)
  • New forum features
  • New games and new version of the SuperDeepThroat game
  • Revisited the completed self-bondage sessions posted in the forum and updated the index/table of content
  • Removed some more ads
  • Revisited links and moved them under the Blog control, so they can be easier maintained and automatically checked for existence.

More ideas, comments or complaints? Please let me know!

6 thoughts on “Site news”

  1. Hi Ra!

    I did read your posting days ago and was about to reply when I suffered my own hardware failure… A fried CPU – and my back-up access not appropriate for this sort of site 🙁

    Really feel for you and your situation – similar to my own.

    Keep the faith, things WILL get better

    Thanks for sticking with us and the site


    Ps. my new laptop now on-line and I’m almost back to my perverted best! 🙂

  2. Madjack ” wrote:

    Keep the faith, things WILL get better

    Positive thinking, eh? 😉

    Madjack ” wrote:

    Ps. my new laptop now on-line and I’m almost back to my perverted best! 🙂

    Almost??? Why not with doubled energy? 😀

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