Finally! Shiny pantyhose time!

man in shiny pantyhose nur DieFinally! Spring! Or even summer! After almost 8 months of wearing winter clothes it’s finally happened! +23! Again I wear shiny pantyhose with capri or breeches daily and everywhere! To the shops, while walking outside, for picking up the kids. And, of course, at home and around the house with shorts.

Ohhh…. How I love the shiny glossy surface of sheer barely visible pantyhose…
But what I noticed is that the shine is usually visible directly from the above. And unless you shoot with a direct flash, it’s very difficult to capture it. I was wearing German nur Die Hüft 15den (Amber) during one day and French Well Elastivoile Satiné 19den (Ibiza) during another.

I had almost no luck with nur Die, but with more help from my wife we could capture the shine of the Well (they are almost “glassy glossy”).

5 thoughts on “Finally! Shiny pantyhose time!”

  1. You should try the “Nur Die Transparent”. This pantyhose is really glossy, especially in the sun.

  2. Yes, I have nur Die Transparent. But the fit and comfort of Hüft are much better. Tried also Seidenfein.

    Regarding their shine, probably need to compare them more thoroughly. Still not sure if the difference is that big.

    BTW, while Amber or Bronze are fantastic, the Black colour looks bad.

  3. Wear and love all glossy pantyhose of all colors here’s just one of mine.


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