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New feature - game section
Have a look at the top right corner. There should be a link called "Game section"

I've uploaded not just some popular arcade games, but also the Super Deep Throat by Konashi. Enjoy and let me know what you would like to see there.

More fun to come ;-)
Closed the Game section by mistake. It's open again.
Very nice idea, thank you Smile
SuperDeepThroat has been updated to 1.13.1b:

This version also has:
- Nose squashing animation.
- Ball size slider.
- Screenshot hotkey (/) with option for double size screenshots
Added two arkanoid-like games: wreckanoid and flashball.
Added "Dark Castle" (mostly bondage and a bit of latex). I like two things:

o- the deep throat dildo-gag (he-he)
o- the suspended in chains girl looks like Liv Tyler ;-)
Added "BDSM club" and "Sex machines".

The "BDSM club" is a tricky quest-like game.

"Sex machine" may give you some ideas...
Added "GloryHole RPG". Improve your deepthroating skills ;-P
(26 Jan 2012, 19:59 )Like Ra Wrote: Added "GloryHole RPG".
Took me "14 days" to get her into college ;-) Can anybody beat this?
Awesome idea and awesome games too, they are really fun.. and im talking about tetris and pong ofc! Smile

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