Inescapable Self-bondage session 74. Anal hook and karada hogtie

Self-bondage session latex leotard fishnets rubber hoodThat was the last full-scale self-bondage session during my “home alone” time last year. See other real self-bondage adventures in the Completed sessions section.

I bought an anal hook on eBay (see “Anal hook review, self-bondage scenarios and interesting reflections“) and was overly excited to use it. The idea was to use the hook as an anchor connected to the bed through the ice-lock.

I was wearing the following:

  • Grey transparent rubber briefs with a piss condom
  • Silicone ball sheath/cock ring
  • Danskin Ultra Shimmery pantyhose
  • DIM black fishnet pantyhose
  • Royal blue latex leotard with a lockable zip
  • Latex gloves
  • Inflatable latex hood with built-in inflatable breath-through gag

Set-up and the basic idea:

  • Piss condom and inflatable gag are connected with a tube
  • The rope from the anal hook goes up under the latex leotard, through a D-ring in the collar behind my neck, to the ice-lock, connected to the central leg of my bed
  • This rope is very short, so I will not be able to move around, until the “lock is open”
  • Hands are bound behind my back
  • The wrist loop is threaded through karada, so the hands will be pinned to my back
  • The cinch loop is connected through the Special Ring Device to the ankle rope to put me in the hogtie position
  • The hogtie and anchoring my hands to the karada will make crawling to the knife and cutting through the wrist rope much more difficult
  • The escape knife is laying on the floor out of reach

The photo set-up:

  • Canon 5D on a tripod
  • Canon 24-70/2.8L lens
  • Canon 580EZII flash with a reflector
  • Radio remote control (you may notice the remote control in my hand on the photos)

And now 31 hi-rez photos (let me know if you want any particular close-ups)

The session went precisely as planned. Fortunately, I did not overestimate my flexibility and did not make the hogtie overly tight. As expected, getting to the knife (it very difficult to find and grab the knife if you are tightly bound, completely blindfolded and do not exactly know where the knife is) was indeed difficult but very entertaining.

One particular issue. My hands were pinned to my body exactly against the anal hook. So when I crawled on my back, my fingers and palms were very painfully squeezed between the hard floor and steel.

Can’t complain about anything else. It was a great session!

Mmmm… probably next time I will hogtie myself a little bit tighter ….

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5 thoughts on “Inescapable Self-bondage session 74. Anal hook and karada hogtie”

  1. Incredible – another sensational Ra session!

    So well planned, so many elements, so erotic (and I’m sooo jealous!)

    thanks again for sharing with us all Ra – you are a star!


  2. Yeah, I like the session. But everything takes soooo much time, though …

    I will probably add the time to all already published sessions. Interesting, it took me more than an hour to dress up, add karada and bind my legs.

  3. Some editing is still needed. I completed the post at 4AM and did not check what I wrote 😉

    Next step is to create a pair of animations – never did that before. But the result should be interesting.

  4. So, it took you an hour to get dressed and ready – thank goodness for that! I thought it was only me! 🙂

    I’ll never complain about my GF’s time to get dressed again!


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