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wasabi butt-plugButt-plugs became boring? Just use wasabi as a lubricant. Insert, enjoy, remove, add more wasabi, repeat until enlightening. You may want to tie yourself up at some point, and, most likely, put on your favourite chastity belt and a gag (in advance) ;P

Random thoughts on chastity devices

Boy in white stockings in bondage and chastity deviceWhy are we so aroused by getting ourselves (or even thinking about this) into chastity devices? Shouldn’t it be exactly the opposite?

Random thoughts on crossdressing and bondage

A crossdresser in a French maid outfit, black pantyhose and a chastity beltTo get excited we dress in something interesting. Think of sheer back-seamed stockings, shiny pantyhose, tight swimsuits or leotards, latex catsuits, high heels, you named it. (Not many males consider such things “normal” clothes, that do not pump blood into the proper places). But then we add chastity devices, tightly bind ourselves (or someone put you in an inescapable bondage, if you are lucky), to prevent masturbation.

Hm… Yes, OK, sounds logical…

One of the self-bondage dreams may come true – Zipperbot

ZipperbotFor years self-bondagers have been looking for a device that can zip and unzip bondage sacks, single-gloves, and various bondage suits at the specified time. For example, if your arms are bound behind your back inside a zipped up tight latex bag, you will not be able to get out without external help. Another example is single gloves. Even if you manage to get in and zip it shut, getting out is very tricky and in most cases impossible.

I seriously doubt that MIT’s Personal Robots Group had self-bondage in mind when they were creating their Zipperbot. [read more…]

Self-bondage frog tie tutorial. New one-way device?

self-bondage frog-tie tutorialThis frog-tie self-bondage tutorial was posted by MadJack in the Self-Bondage art forum thread. Looks at steps #4 and #6. If the wrist straps are wide and hard enough, and properly measured, I think it’s possible to make this method inescapable (provided you can get in “one-handed”).

However, if the wrist straps are not secured to the sides thigh-ankles ones, they can be pulled upwards and towards the center, so you can use the other hand to undo the strap.

Very interesting idea, but needs testing.
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Self-bondage suspension. Tutorial

self-bondage suspensionTinker D sent me this self-bondage suspension photo tutorial following the lengthy discussion on these forum threads:

Suspension self-bondage
Self-bondage semi-suspension hogtie concept

I hope he can add some comments to the photos below

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Self-bondage RSS stream

RSS aggregator for various self-bondage related streams.


Leave you suggestion in the comment field below, or in this forum thread.

See other RSS streams.

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“Self-bondage princess” manga by Sumomo-dou

selfbondage-princess-00The full title is “Jibaku-hime + Osorubeshi Kikai no Pantsu” or “[すもも堂] 『自縛姫』『恐るべし機械のパンツ』 [英訳]”

The idea to use a hardening substance for self-bondage appeared in the forum in this thread: Turn water into a gel/solid…. But no release method was found, except a safety person, just like in this manga.

Also I was thinking about the enema pants/plugs/system used here. I wonder if it’s possible to DIY it.

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Simple bondage. Part X

simple-bondage-94See other simple bondage posts.

The simple bondage series is a good illustration (or reference material? ;) to MadJack’s poll “How do you like to be tied? – Up or To?” and what bondage is about.

Also it’s a good starting point for simple self-bondage session. With the exception of single-glove photos. While Strappado proved that single-gloves can be used in selfbondage (see Single-gloves in self-bondage – Strap Securing thread), the technique is pretty much advanced.

See 12 photos below.

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Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 57. Anticipations vs Expectations

Nana to Kaoru v07 c58 - 001See all chapters and related articles here or see all bondage and self-bondage stories.

Anticipation and expectation are synonyms, but what a huge difference in the “results”! Anticipation can “increase the pleasure. Moreover, you are getting pleasure in advance by anticipating something. But expectations can ruin everything. Expectations can even be used as punishment:”You did not meet my expectations“. One of the biggest “managerial bullshit sayings”… Disgusting…

You can anticipate something, and not expect anything at the same time. Having anticipation puts a smile on our faces, not having expectations protects us from disappointments.

I stumbled upon a huge futanari collection [read more…]