Anal hook review, self-bondage scenarios and interesting reflections

Anal hookI like versatile gadgets, toys and fetish clothes. So you can use them in various ways. After seeing many photos, scenarios and drawings I finally bought the anal hook on eBay.

The result exceeded my expectations. But let’s go step by step.

You can see the dimensions on the photos. Some hooks come with interchangeable ball, but to “prove the concept” I decided to go the cheapest and the most reliable (I hope) way – non-replaceable 4cm anal ball.

All other relevant sizes you can easily (OK, with some muscle efforts) change. For example, if the hook is bent just like on the photo, the ball will press on your prostate (assuming that you’re a boy) as long as the “rope eye” is held against the small of the back. You can tune the pressure from barely noticeable to quite painful by bending the metal. Also, you can change the insertable length, etc.

Such hooks can be used as butt-plugs without any ropes, simply insert&go (plug&play?) They are not visible under not tight outer clothes (you need tight clothes underneath to keep it in place). So you can enjoy walking, bending, sitting while this sleek shiny thing is wiggling inside your rectum and playing with your prostate.

The hooks can be built in any rope harnesses (e.g. karada) or tied to a collar, head harness, the rope or strap binding elbows together, a vaginal plug (if you’re a girl) by a rope going over the shoulders, etc.

The length of the hook can be chosen so it can be locked with a chain going through the eye around your waist. You can use this method to lock your clothes (see also Lockable clothes). For example, a zentai suit can be locked with only one chain (around the neck, down the spine to the hook, around the waist) and two locks (neck, waist). The suit should have double zip sliders to insert the anal hook.

Also, they are very handy devices in anchoring your body to stationary objects. Just tie it to a hook in the ceiling, insert, pull the rope tight and you will not be able to go anywhere even if your hands are free.

Add an ice timer between the hook and a bedpost, thread the anal hook rope through a neck collar, make this rope going to the ice-timer as short as possible, bind your wrists together behind your back – and a very simple self-bondage session is ready!

Of course, you can add more rope and clothes, but the idea may stay the same.

If you have a look at the last close-up photo of the steel ball, in the reflection you will see me wearing pantyhose on my legs&arms and a water-polo swimsuit.

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  1. Madjack ” wrote:

    not quite ‘on topic’

    Why not? They sell anal hooks too.

    Madjack ” wrote:

    suggest it may not stay there for long?

    Don’t think so. I constantly see these metal plugs on eBay. Or you mean the very low prices?

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