See more self-bondage art.
Updated on Jan 30, 2011 @ 14:49: Added translation (click on the images). Many thanks to Green!

Posted on Jan 29, 2011 @ 01:39:
This short manga-story called “Self-bondage in the toilet” (便所自縛) drawn by 油炸豬大腸 gives some food for imagination and discussion. And definitely gives some self-bondage ideas to think about.

But first of all (despite it’s quite clear what’s going on on the images), could anybody please translate? (Yes, the Japanese language is in my “to learn” list, but not for this year ;-)

Let’s go step by step.

Locking mechanism

Though the locking mechanism resembles the one from the “self-bondage leotard“, if you look closely it’s different. It consists of a single-sleeve (just like the leotard version), but the locking mechanism (3 one-way buckles) is not even made for self-release!

The single-sleeve is built-in to a waist cincher or a wide belt and sort of a breast harness, so it can be worn with any outfit, what is good.

The pulling strap is threaded through the collar D-ring. While it helps keeping balance, there is a risk of being throttled (think of falling forward or to the side). Definitely not recommended.

Unlike the self-bondage leotard, there are no straps holding the upper arms. What that means is that the arms can be relatively easily pulled out of the sleeve.

Can it be “improved”? Of course. The easiest way is to add a karada-like harness with straps for the upper arms just above the elbows (to keep them pinned to the body, it should be possible to buckle them up without help) and with a metal ring just beneath the neck at the back (hence NOT mounted to the collar, but to the shoulder straps!). A one-way buckle can be fastened to that ring, for example, through the ice-lock.

The pulling rope goes through the buckle to the single-sleeve. The rest of the single-sleeve design can be left as is with the exception of removing the locking buckles.

Thigh/knee cuffs and straps

A loose version of the ball tie. Interesting idea not to prevent any movement, but greatly restrict the ability to move around. Combined with the Japanese square arm-time, I’m not sure it will be possible to get back on the feet if you loose your balance and fall over.


Two great ideas here.

First of all is how to mount a dildo to the floor. Very elegant solution! If you can’t nail/bolt/glue/screw a dildo to the floor, just mount it to a plank or veneer. Say, 80x80cm veneer piece will no go anywhere, because you will be standing/sitting on it.

And the second idea is to place the vibrator a bit away from “the fixing point”. In order to mount the vibrating dildo and get some pleasure you have to crawl to it. But at the cost of irreversibly tightening the bonds.

Any other ideas?