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Simple bondage. Part X

simple-bondage-94See other simple bondage posts.

The simple bondage series is a good illustration (or reference material? ;) to MadJack’s poll “How do you like to be tied? – Up or To?” and what bondage is about.

Also it’s a good starting point for simple self-bondage session. With the exception of single-glove photos. While Strappado proved that single-gloves can be used in selfbondage (see Single-gloves in self-bondage – Strap Securing thread), the technique is pretty much advanced.

See 12 photos below.

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Flag-holder-bondage-butt-plug for DIY (self-)bondage devices

20130520_155156-flag-holderI never stop looking for anything that can possibly be related to bondage or selfbondage. Today we’ve been to Hornbach (NL, BE, DE DIY hardware shop) and I spotted this (cast?) iron flag holder. Now tell me, what was your first thought when you noticed this photo?

Anyway,you know my perverted mind. I’m thinking about using this erected iron cock as a bondage butt-plug (see the post title). It can be bolted to a wall or a vertically fixed pole exactly at such a level that the bottom of the holder is at the same height as your “rear entry” when you stand on the floor (or plus high heels if you want). So after you sit on it (you will have to use a small stool) you will not be able to go anywhere unless the stool is within your reach. Add some basic bondage, proper fetish clothes, do not forget to fix you body to the pole/wall to prevent accidental falling and voila!

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Anal-hook locked to collar. Selfbondage ideas and scenarios

anal_hook-06-collarWhat: Stainless steel anal hook connected to a collar by an adjustable steel bar. The diameter of the collar, the shape and size of the hook can be chosen.

Where: the item, the seller

Why: It is very logical to connect an anal hook to a collar or a gag (harness) and make it lockable. Bobbi@TTDB “did it himself” and with a great success. I was thinking about repeating his design (wooden stock), but I was too lazy. This steel lockable construction is very promising and it immediately joined my wish list.

Let’s see what you can do with it, considering the quality is good and the device is robust:

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Simple bondage. Part IX

simple-bondage-81-latexSee other simple bondage posts.

See 10 photos below. Some of them can be used for self-bondage scenarios. For example the one with a ballerina. Not quite a suspension, but has quite a few advantages.

Or the girl chained to the ceiling. Note that her ankles are not bound together, so she can maintain her balance.

Any other ideas?

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State of the art butt-plugs and dildos. Part VII. The Intimidator Anal Plug and self-bondage scenarios

butt-plug-02-intimidatorLet’s start with the technical parameters of The Intimidator Anal Plug:

  • Size: 11″ (28cm) in length, tapers to 3.75″ (9.5cm) in width
  • Material: Silagel
  • This product is anti-bacterial, non-toxic, latex and cadmium-free
  • Specially designed for advanced anal play users

One thing is clear – there’s no way you can get it completely in (unless your name is Patrick Andraste ;-), but you can insert at least the first 10-12cm.

My idea is a selfbondage scenario where you have two choices: either very uncomfortably stand with your knees bent (a rope between your waist and ankles should do the trick), or sit on this monster. Or (ideally) the choices are: this plug anally or another one orally (I mean deep-throating).

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Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 26. Incentives and neighbours

See all chapters and related articles here or see all bondage and self-bondage stories.

Indeed, neighbourhood is convenient and as I learned later this is what our neighbours thought as well. They were afraid that I would foist my “friendship” on their daughter, e.g, over the balcony ;-) Same age, same school, parallel classes. Later our classes were merged together and we appeared in the same class.

It never “clicked” between us. But once on the way home I was walking behind her and looking at her slender legs in sheer white with very thin black (dark grey?) horizontal stripes pantyhose and was thinking:”And why did we miss such a brilliant opportunity…?”

Yeah, I was always a fetishist ;)

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Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 25. Incentives, pretexts and excuses

See all chapters and related articles here or see all bondage and self-bondage stories.

Two more points. Given you are a fetishist and you love (self)bondage (since you are on this site ;-), consider you need to learn or do something (e.g. to learn a new language). What would be the best incentives for you?

  • A fetish class where students are punished for making errors (e.g. get bound? plugged? spanked? undressed? inflatable plugs are inflated further? added nipple clamps with weights?)
  • A fetish class where students are rewarded for correct answers and good performance (e.g. got stimulated with vibrators, get bound, plugged, dressed up, butt-plugs got deflated, bound behind the back arms lowered)
  • A fetish class where pupils receive scores and at the end of the day the one with less (more?) points [read more…]

Self-mummification tutorial. Sticky sheet.

There are several ways of mummifying yourself. The one described in the pictures below looks seems quite self-explaining and easy to do, but … wait a bit. Let’s have a closer look at it.

What are you going to wear?

This is a very important question. Sweat makes the tape glue weaker (unless it’s a water-proof sticky tape) and the tape loses the ability to stick. This feature can be used to escape from the cocoon. I would not recommend to be naked even if you are totally epilated – the tape and the glue irritate the skin and may even damage it (think of you sensitive areas).

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Self-bondage forum news and updates

Updated on Oct 23, 2012 @ 00:30: MJ-SB03/2012 – Back in the bag and MJ-SB04/2012 – Bagged on the bed, MJ-SB05/2012 – legs spread and suspended on the bed – MadJack’s latest selfbondage vacuum bag sessions.

Published on Oct 17, 2012 @ 23:12: While I was away (from the site) for several weeks, lots of interesting things happened in the forum. Let’s see here:

self-bondage in shiny swimsuit, stockings and high heels.Tight spread-eagle selfbondage with electromagnetic time-lock by steve6322. Very clever design and excellent outfit (I love the view of that shiny swimsuit with a good erection inside ;-)

Self-bondage, fetish and children this thread is referred to quite often during the last week. Read the story of 17yo Cloud. Indeed, some of us also noticed that (self)bondage has a calming and protective effect.

Selfbondage video on YouTube More videos found (not only on YouTube).

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DIY chastity belt. Part I. Lockable

After playing with CB6000 and going through all related frustrations (see CB6000 and types of frustration), checking chastity belt reviews, visiting manufacturer sites, reading multiple forums, I decided to try to make a do-it-yourself chastity device with the following in mind:

  • comfortable for a long time wear
  • comfortable to wear even under tight clothes like pantyhose, swimsuits (cb6000 is a disaster)
  • impossible to pull off (one of the most common problem with commercial CB’s)
  • lockable
  • easy to make (I do not have much time for such “design projects”)
  • reliable (again, something what cb6000 is absolutely not)
  • cheap

At first sight absolutely unreal and incompatible conditions. However, as I said in “DIY/hadware vs sex-shops and some food for kinky thoughts. Part I“, pay a visit to the biggest hardware store in your area and spend there an hour or two. That may give you some interesting ideas.

This is what I managed to make for €4 using a file, a screwdriver, a knife and pliers within about 1 hour.

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