Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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“Self-bondage princess” manga by Sumomo-dou

selfbondage-princess-00The full title is “Jibaku-hime + Osorubeshi Kikai no Pantsu” or “[すもも堂] 『自縛姫』『恐るべし機械のパンツ』 [英訳]”

The idea to use a hardening substance for self-bondage appeared in the forum in this thread: Turn water into a gel/solid…. But no release method was found, except a safety person, just like in this manga.

Also I was thinking about the enema pants/plugs/system used here. I wonder if it’s possible to DIY it.

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Latex zentai suit with built-in condoms or a living sex doll

The ultimate catsuit is a coverall zentai. The ultimate zentai is a suit, which covers not only the outer surface of the body, but also the inner one. Zentai hides the personality, features, emotions (see Ani. Her daily life in zentai) but the internal built-in condoms brings the appearance closer to a living sex doll, whose only purpose is to satisfy the owner at any time and in any way without any distraction.

Only the glory holes have less personality and more anonymity (especially if cocks are covered in latex)

The total enclosure latex suit made by Future Fetish looks very surreal, more like a 3D computer model or a virtual reality sex android. [read more…]

Pantyhose encasement or Barbie in semitransparent zentai

Christian Louboutin created Barbie in a catsuit.

The Japanese added a bit here and a bit there, and Barbie in panythose encasement (or semitransparent zentai) was born. A new fetish toy for kids ;)

The title is self-descriptive: ゼンシンパンスト (whole-body pantyhose).

See also in the forum:

Pantyhose encasement
Pantyhose encasement bondage

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Living sculptures for your office. Part III

See previous parts here

Thick plottens. The bondage gets heavier, latex encases completely and this is not it – with added electro stimulation the sculpture will be a bit more living (evil smile).

Not sure about you guys, but this is one of the cases when I would like to try both sides – inside the latex cocoon and the chair in front of the monitors ;P

Latex encasement and mummification (self-)bondage art by Student Of Rubber

It is one of those cases when you stumble upon an interesting picture (will post it later), you try to find the author, then follow the links (e.g “favourites”, “friends”, etc) and end up in something completely different but nevertheless very interesting.

This is how I found StudentOfRubber page on DeviantArt (it turned out that he’s the author of a couple of my favourite drawings). Pencil and coloured sketches, illustrations, completed drawings of figures totally encased in latex or pantyhose, tightly mummified, self-bound or peacefully sleeping in rubber cocoons definitely give some food for imagination!

Yes, I want to be there! Bound in latex!

Some of the 32 images below have comments by the author. See also Total latex encasement, latex mummification bondage forum thread.

BTW, any ideas for selfbondage sessions? ;-P
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Latex catsuit, transparent dress, transparent hood and self-bondage mood

Finally, found something to stimulate my imagination in a very simple way – two-layer-latex-encasement, sound and smell of latex. The rest (transparent see-through latex layer, ballet heels, etc) is also welcome but even not so important because you won’t see it anyway from under the hood). But you will feels the latex layers, just like in the video (below).

And I know for sure, that in a similar situation I would beg to gag, plug and tie me up ;-P This is what I usually do: if you are NOT in a self-bondage/fetish mood, pick a suitable stimulating picture, begin to dress up, add plugs, gags, and then simply do not stop, a self-bondage session will “appear” by itself.

Also see:

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Nylon encasement and strait-jacket self-bondage sessions

strait-jacket selfbondageTwo more self-bondage sessions have been posted in the forum:

Also, those who posted their selfbondage sessions, could you please check if they are listed on the Completed sessions page? I usually keep track of them, but I might miss one or two. Thanks!

Selfbondage, pantyhose encasement or MadJack Home alone

Updated on Apr 05, 2011 @ 01:08:

Added a new selfbondage session:

MJ-SB03/2011 – Home alone: Office chair tied and vibrated (…not!)

Published on Mar 25, 2011 @ 01:43:
What happens if you leave MadJack at home and completely alone for a couple of days (I would sleep the first 24 hours and sit in front of the monitors the second – probably getting old…)?

Considering he’s got access to a pile of pantyhose, leotards, swimsuits, ropes, enemas, etc?

See his latest self-bondage adventures and related threads:

True self-bondage stories, techniques, scenarios and tutorials

Thanks to Anne, CJtime, Cupped, Dan2010, Krinlyc, MadJack (especially MadJack), Mrs. Blacksmith, Strappado and Susanr the Completed Self-bondage Sessions collection has been updated!

I see many questions, requests and pleas for scenarios here on this website and on dozens forums on the Internet. If you are short of ideas you have an opportunity to read what others do, how they play and what they use to spice it up. Do not forget to leave your feedback and comments!

Have you completed a selfbondage session? Describe it in the Completed sessions forum! Have ideas, dreams or fiction stories? Upload them in the Session ideas, requests and fiction.

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Fetish and bondage art by Masakazu Shimizu. Part IV. Asuka Langley

Asuka Langley in rubber body cocoon bondageI changed the title several times. It was “tubes by Masakazu Shimizu“, “nose hooks by Masakazu Shimizu”, “single-gloves by Masakazu Shimizu”, or latex encasement, swimsuit bondage… But since his art usually incorporate lots of various subjects, I decided to post just another bunch of my favourite images from his “Asuka Langley” series.

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14 pictures below
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