“Self-bondage peril. Part II” by Akabane85

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She never wanted her secret to be exposed to others, the only option left was to hide before the girl would found her. She looked around, but she couldn’t find anything she could crawl behind or under … except her locker. Even though the locker was very small, it wasn’t impossible for her to get in. Sunny had tried to fit herself into the locker before and she could fit in with some effort, but the space was quite tight for her petite size.

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“Self-bondage peril. Part I” by Akabane85

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Sunny was born in a wealthy family, she could do whatever she wanted and her parents were too busy with their business, than bothering her with “parenting”. She used to practise selfbondage in her house to spice up her life but she was unsatisfied with it, and decided to add some thrill to her life before graduating by performing a selfbondage in school, risking of being caught red handed by others. She spent some time to observe and found that the female locker room will be empty on the Friday night, and the guard will never bother to check on the room. So she decided to have some private little games in the locker on the coming Friday when her parents will be on a business trip for a week and will not have any time to bother her.

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Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 53. Crossdressed and bound for the stage

Nana to Kaoru v07 c54 - 005See all chapters and related articles here or see all bondage and self-bondage stories.

Ohhh, I love this chapter… Many reasons.

First of all, it reminds me this post: Associations, triggers, crossdressing and forced feminization

Then, lots of my fetishes are fully “exploited” in this episode )pantyhose, bondage, swimsuit, public crossdressing, public bondage, forced feminization, etc.)

And finally it reminds me how I met my wife. It was a New Year improvised show for kids, where four guys (I was one of them) were dressed in kinda women’s clothes and were playing Santa helpers. My (future) wife put make-up on me. I was not wearing anything fetishy (no pantyhose, swimsuits or anything).

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Leotard and shiny pantyhose

Adidas leotard and shiny pantyhoseThis is my childhood dream since I remember myself (shut up Mr. Freud!). Tight body hugging lycra swimsuit (I did not know the word leotard at that age) and shiny pantyhose.

Adidas leotard and shiny pantyhoseSince that time I had many leotards and swimsuits, recently I bought two new swimsuits (see here and here). But I can’t find a leotard like on the picture. A “professional” sport spandex leotard with long sleeves, closed to the neck (better with a turtle-neck) and a zipper. I even have a latex version and a sleeveless bondage one, but not something I could wear everywhere just like a t-shirt.

Does anybody know where such leotards can be bought? Made by companies like Arena, Speedo, Adidas and not fets-fash or zoom-bizarre. I have nothing against the latter, but for the mentioned design I would prefer the former ones.
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My new neoprene swimsuit

Neoprene swimsuit CressiI could not resist this time. I had been dreaming about the swimsuit since I tried it on (see Day 5). No. it’s not perfect, but I did not meet anything closer to the perfect one. See the description and more photos here.

Women’s wetsuit size M (I wear men’s L), very tight yet comfortable. Perfect piece of clothes to wear at home (and I was wearing it all day today with Philippe Matignon Cristal 30 pantyhose).

The only major problem is velcro straps. They are not the best pantyhose friends …

Green pantyhose and water-polo swimsuit

seidenglanz_20_02Today my wife and I decided to wear the same pantyhose Desirée Seidenglanz 20 colour Tundra (on the photo). I think this brand is known in Germany only, and probably made for Karstadt only. I bought them because of the dark deep emerald green colour (inside the package) and low price (€4.50). Unfortunately in reality the colour is far from the “luxury expectations” and close to awful. Also the colour is very dependable from the lighting. For example, the green is barely visible on the photo.

Green pantyhoseApart from the colour, Desirée Seidenglanz 20 pantyhose are quite comfortable. Here you can find the test.de (German) pantyhose test results (a bit higher than average).
But there was something else what saved the day. The water-polo swimsuit which I was wearing on top of the pantyhose. Very tight it was keeping me in the proper mood and a good shape and pantyhose in the proper place. That was the first time I was wearing the suit for 17 hours. The feelings were quite different from the suit I had on during the last several days (a link to the suit description to be added). The water-polo one felt like a G-string tie (part I) with a collar. So it’s a very good addition to the Spice It Up section.

Business Trip. Day 5

If you had to drive for 8 hours, what would you wear? Support tights no doubts. I was wearing Oroblu ExCell 40 (dark blue) all 5 days. They are way too far from being a compression type garment but still one of the best pantyhose I’ve ever worn.

OK, what else? Mmm… something to support the pantyhose. A water-polo swimsuit! Sure, good choice, swimsuit and pantyhose always go together. Fabulous look but still nothing special.

Pantyhose on arms! Yeah, that’s better. Since driving @200km/h (hey, that’s Germany we are talking about!) while wearing slippery nylon over your fingers cannot be considered safe, I put on the Kunert skin-colored shiny pantyhose (I used during my Day 2 zentai adventure) with slits in the reinforced toe area I could pull my hands through. Or pull the pantyhose legs all the way down to completely cover my hands.

But something was still missing…

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Business Trip. Day 3

(See Day 1 and Day 2)

Still no luck with the ice-lock. I put on the balcony for the night (there was -3) and then in the fridge (right on the ice) for the day. Checked in the evening – water. Leaving it for another night made no sense (+3), but I simply forgot it outside. I hope nobody found it 😉

Since I had no time lock I had to choose another method. Crawling and difficult release. And I dropped a knife in the corridor.

“What now?” That took me quite a while. I dropped everything I took with me on the bed (the stuff covered it all). Still no ideas… Eventually, after multiple picking up one thing after another, at 3AM in the morning I decided on the plan for the night.

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Business Trip. Day 2

(See Day 1)

After a long day (the “boring bit”, as MadJack mentioned) the fun part began!

I decided to make some photos of my first ever zentai suit. I tried it on only once when it arrived and immediately broke the zipper. Despite the label showing the correct size, it appeared to be one (or two?) size smaller. I’ve no idea if this is how the sizes are interpreted by the manufacturer or it was mistake, but I broke the zipper when the suit was already tightly hugging my entire body.

And guess what? The suit was not going to come off! The slider stuck in such a position that the suit could not be removed! That sounds like fun and all the discussions about the lockable clothes, clothes you can not take off, unintentional bondage, etc came to my mind, but I was only going to try the suit on and did not set up my photo camera 😉

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Business Trip. Day 1.

So, I’m on a business trip. What does that mean? Less Internet access, but more time to play alone. Almost half of my luggage consists of pantyhose, swimsuits, zentai, hoods, gags, plugs, rope, chains, cuffs and collars. No heavy latex, because there is no space and time to properly wash and dry the rubber. So, mostly lycra.

I didn’t have much energy yesterday, and went to bed just fully encased in two sheer pantyhose on legs, pantyhose on hands, pantyhose on head and hands and a swimsuit (see also the pajamas article). That’s it. No bondage. Yet.

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