“Self-bondage peril. Part I” by Akabane85

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Sunny was born in a wealthy family, she could do whatever she wanted and her parents were too busy with their business, than bothering her with “parenting”. She used to practise selfbondage in her house to spice up her life but she was unsatisfied with it, and decided to add some thrill to her life before graduating by performing a selfbondage in school, risking of being caught red handed by others. She spent some time to observe and found that the female locker room will be empty on the Friday night, and the guard will never bother to check on the room. So she decided to have some private little games in the locker on the coming Friday when her parents will be on a business trip for a week and will not have any time to bother her.

She pulled out her recently bought armbinder leotard, which was tailored one size smaller than her size. The suit was made of some material similar to lycra, but was tougher, not so stretchable, and she had to struggle to put it on. And instead of laces for the attached armbinder, that barely fits both of her arms, the single-glove had a heavy duty zip all the way up to the collar, and it was pry-resistant, what meaning once it was zipped up, her hands would be useless with her elbows touching, and both palms flattened and clammed together by the mitten, leaving not even a single gap for her to wiggle her fingers or arms. No way she could escape until the zip slider on the back is lowered down. The suit itself was not meant for self-bondage, but with the zipperbot attached to the zip, she can trap herself in the devious suit perfectly without any efforts. She had tested it once and the result was fantastic.

On that Friday Sunny had only some light meal in the morning, and drank just a little of water. She was excited by her plan and could not stay calm. After class dismiss, she emptied her bladder, and hid inside the locker room, waiting for school to be empty. After few hours she could not hear the crowd anymore, and she knew she could start with her plan now. She went to her locker, and started to remove her uniform. Her bra and panties followed the clothes and were nicely folded and placed in the upper compartment along with her bag. She was nervous and embarrassed by her current state, and swiftly put on the leotard. It was not easy and took some struggling, but she was happy once the smooth material tightly covered her slender torso.

Leaving the armbinder dangling free behind her, she placed a pair of leather cuffs over her ankles and locked them with small padlocks. Then a belt went through the D-ring at the armbinder tip and the D-rings on the ankle cuffs, preventing her from straightening her legs. A harness ballgag was tightly buckled all over her head, and completed by locking all the buckles with padlocks. She tested her gag and found that she could not make out any meaningful sounds, but soft moaning. A vibrating toy was placed on her crotch and was set to random program. The vibrator was the most powerful toy she could get, and yet it could last for two days when fully charged.

Now only her arms left to be restrained. She placed the zipperbot remote control along with the locker’s padlock and keys on the floor beside her, and started to fit her arms into the single-glove, forcing her hands into the tight pouch at the end of armbinder. Then she pushed the button with her finger trapped inside the armbinder, and once the button was pushed, the zipperbot began to slowly whirr itself all the way up, with a subtle zipping sound. She knew that the whole process takes about 10 minutes to finish zipping up the suit, and the process cannot be stopped by any means.

Sunny always enjoyed that moment, when the zipperbot was like her captor, teasing her by slowly but firmly taking her freedom away. The zipping process was slow, but Sunny could feel, that the room for her arms was decreasing. Once the slider went over her elbows, the tightness of the armbinder forced her elbows touching, and there was no way she could separate them or slip her hands out of armbinder anymore.

Suddenly, before the zipperbot finished its job, Sunny heard a creaking sound, and she was terrified. She realized, that someone opened the door and she panicked. She tried to command the zipperbot to unzip the suit, but the zipperbot does not respond to any commands until the zipping process is completed. She tried to grab the remote control, but she couldn’t grab anything with her trapped hands. Sunny heard, that a female was approaching her humming a tune. Sunny was running out of time and had to hide before she was caught red handed, but with the belt attached to her armbinder and ankle cuffs there was no way she could run away…

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