Business Trip. Day 3

(See Day 1 and Day 2)

Still no luck with the ice-lock. I put on the balcony for the night (there was -3) and then in the fridge (right on the ice) for the day. Checked in the evening – water. Leaving it for another night made no sense (+3), but I simply forgot it outside. I hope nobody found it 😉

Since I had no time lock I had to choose another method. Crawling and difficult release. And I dropped a knife in the corridor.

“What now?” That took me quite a while. I dropped everything I took with me on the bed (the stuff covered it all). Still no ideas… Eventually, after multiple picking up one thing after another, at 3AM in the morning I decided on the plan for the night.

This is what I put on and in:

  • Long silicone plug
  • Dark green satin opaque Chantalle Thomas pantyhose with real back seams (don’t ask, unfortunately they are not produced anymore) – on legs
  • Dark blue pantyhose on arms
  • Lycra leotard with 3/4 sleeves
  • Marc and Andre swimsuit
  • Thick latex shorts
  • Corset
  • Inflatable hood with nose holes and inflatable breath-through gag
  • Spandex shorts (single-glove)

Bound legs: ankles, below and above the knees

The Special Ring Device was attached to the “below the knee rope” not to the ankle one. The reason is more a strenuous position – pulling the cord arches the back.

The crotch rope was tied in such a way that it pressed on the plug with difference force depending on the body movement. This is “the route”: connected to the knee rope – around the waist rope – crotch – tied in the back to the waist rope.

Inserted the arms into the spandex short single glove and inflated both the hood and the gag.

Then nothing special: rope coil, cinch noose, pull rope. DONE!

And the fun part began! The rope coil turned out to be too small. I tried to make it wider (aha, with the hood and single-glove on…) but to no avail. So I had to use what I had. It fitted very tightly and dug into the pantyhose clad skin. (Later when the muscles cooled down a bit it fitted more snugly). Anyway I decided not to overtighten the pull rope, otherwise it would cut my wrists off.

Unlike on the 1st day, the “single-glove” did not put my arms into sleep (training and more training!). The rest: I was bound very tightly, gagged with a bit overinflated gag (no muscle aching – training!), completely blindfolded with the inflated and well lubricated hood, my elbows kept in place with the lycra shorts and … the most important (above any expectations) …

The plug. It was not tied in place with a karada or a crotch rope, no. Instead it was sliding in and out driving me nuts. After a couple of ours of such torturing I managed to get out of the bed, bound as I was sat on the foot board and rode the plug like crazy… (Those who tried long plugs should know). Usual masturbation was not possible – I always make all possible precautions to prevent that) in this case it was a thick latex condom bound in a sort sphere like a chastity belt. So the plug was the only stimulating mechanism available.

After several hours of “drifting in and out” the semi-sleeping state I crawled to the knife and with some effort cut through the rope coil. With the “single-glove” and hood still on and the plug still in and out I got into the bed and slept further.

The session will be published under number 52. BTW, it’s good practice to write everything dows as soon as possible. Yesterday I was looking at the pictures from one of the sessions from the last year and could not remember how I managed to get out earlier than the ice-lock allowed to.

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